Stratus-Restroom-Care-Make-a-Good-ImpressionRegularly found on online review sites like Yelp or Trip Advisor, clean restrooms can make patrons sing the praises of your business, while dirty restrooms can be a major deterrent for potential guests.

Source: CleanLink May 01, 2014




In fact, a survey shows that 94 percent of U.S. adults would avoid a business in the future if they encountered a dirty restroom. 

“A restroom maintenance program is one of the most overlooked areas in day-to-day operations of a business, yet it’s one of the most important,” said Dave Mesko, senior director of marketing at Cintas. “We developed the three C’s of restroom care to provide organizations with a quick, easy reference guide to keep their image clean and fresh in the coming year.”

The three C’s of restroom care from Cintas include:

Cleanliness: No one likes a dirty restroom. Americans overwhelmingly cite dirty or sticky floors as an indicator of a dirty restroom (93 percent), so don’t forget to keep floors clean! Having restroom supplies in stock is also critical to both your users’ experience and keeping your restroom clean. In addition, don’t forget odor control. From air fresheners to urinal screens, many facilities are harmonizing the scents in their restrooms so users experience a consistently pleasant smell as they move through the restroom. 

Creativity: When it comes to restroom design in 2014, the more inventive the better! Creativity in restroom design is gaining in popularity as a unique way for businesses to stand out amongst competitors and potentially gain national recognition. For examples of creative restrooms, check out the America’s Best Restroom contest at 

Color: Color is making a big comeback in 2014 with more businesses taking their branding into the restroom. Gone are the days of drab, dull- colored dispensers on gray partitions. From restaurants to road side visitors’ areas, vibrant colors help liven up the restroom experience and enhance a business’ image in an unexpected place. 

“While it might not seem significant in the grand scheme of your operation, organizations that provide an exceptional restroom experience will see an increase in customer loyalty,” added Mesko. “From color to cleanliness, paying attention to the details in a restroom can make the difference between a positive and negative guest experience.”