Jani_Med_Specialist_LOGOby Brent Bodiford, Marketing Coordinator, 360clean

Buying into third-party companies is becoming a worldwide trend.  Facility managers are looking for ways to reduce stress on management, save money, and receive better service.  Often, outsourcing to a third-party vendor will accomplish those goals. When an organization… 


decides to contract with a janitorial service company, management within that organization instantly gets a weight lifted off their shoulders as it is one less thing they have to spend their time and resources on.   It eliminates paying employees, paying for chemicals, paying for mistakes, paying for a manager to oversee this service; the list can go on. A survey done by the National Association of College & University Business Officers (NACUBO) found that 25% of colleges and universities outsourced their janitorial services. Now that institutions are no longer outsourcing primarily to cut costs but to add value to their services, NACUBO has found that institutions are continuously increasing the outsourcing of their janitorial services. Institutions that have been successful in outsourcing their janitorial services have found that they have increased student population and have seen an increase in alumni interaction.

You are buying into peace of mind when investing into a third-party janitorial service. I like to compare a janitorial service company to a field goal kicker in the NFL. A field goal kicker has ONE JOB and that is to kick field goals through two yellow poles. A janitorial service company has ONE JOB and that is to provide a healthy clean. Yes, sometimes the field goal kicker misses his shots, just as sometimes a janitorial company doesn’t vacuum that rug; however, both of them are going to go back on that field and fix what they have done wrong. When outsourcing a janitorial service to a third-party company, you are buying into a company where providing a healthy clean is their one and only job.

Some of you may be reading this and have a different opinion on third-party janitorial service companies and the ability to cut costs.   That’s fine but, even though a proposal shows higher costs than someone else’s proposal, or a proposal shows more costs than your current in-house expenses, sometimes you need to recognize that there is more to value than just price.  Sometimes, you get exactly what you pay for, and if you continue to pay bottom line price, what will you receive for that price? BOTTOM LINE OUTCOMES. Bottom line outcomes equal you, the decision maker, having to pay for new carpet or new flooring due to the neglect of the bottom line service you’ve received. In the long run it is better to pay more for a higher quality clean. In addition, a study done by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) showed that in-house cleaning costs an average of 23% more than contract cleaning. It gets costly when you have to pay for chemicals, salaries of staff, along with the extra insurance and other miscellaneous costs. That’s why large organizations are starting to buy into the outsourcing trend.    

When outsourcing janitorial services to the correct company you end up getting a more efficient workplace due to the lower percentage of employees missing work from being sick. The right janitorial service provides “a clean, yet germ free environment.”  In just one month 3 MILLION Americans missed work due to being sick. Most companies offer their employees sick days, so in essence you are paying this employee while he or she is sick at home just because you neglected to practice due diligence and hire a janitorial service company who focuses on their one and only job—providing their clients with a comprehensive hygienic clean.   

All in all, the pros of hiring a third-party company to perform janitorial services are there. I believe the positive outcomes of this far outweigh any negatives. If you can think of any negatives give me a shout, brent@360clean.com.