CDC Says Hand Drying is Essential

Source:  CleanLink, October 3, 2013 This summer, Americans were reminded about the serious nature of foodborne illness when more than 600 cases of an unidentified … [Read more...]

“360clean aims for all-around satisfaction”

People are in and out of office buildings every day but seldom notice the detailed labor behind the scenes. 360clean employee Samantha Teal of West Salem thoroughly cleans … [Read more...]


Does your current cleaning company use advanced cleaning technologies to avoid cross contamination while cleaning?     … [Read more...]

Microfiber – Why It’s Important to the Cleanliness and Health of Your Facility

Microfiber technology enhances cleanliness by preventing cross-contamination and providing overall better hygiene to medical and non-medical facilities alike.   … [Read more...]

Study Finds Schools Can Cut Risk of Illness by Implementing Hygiene Programs

Source:  Infection Control Today Online , October 4, 2012 With cold and flu season about to begin, students may have more to contend with than just … [Read more...]

Daily Disinfection of Isolation Rooms Reduces Contamination of Healthcare Workers’ Hands

Source:  Infection Control Today Online, 9/13/2012 New research demonstrates that daily cleaning of high-touch surfaces in isolation rooms of patients with … [Read more...]

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