360clean has developed a cleaning program called 360totalclean.  This program prevents the build up of dust particles and focuses on the “attention to detail” procedures that most companies either overlook or allow to manifest until the customer is dissatisfied with performance. 



The detailed office cleaning services program consists of the following:

Initial Clean:  Your facility receives an impact clean to increase the cleanliness standards to our standards.  This clean can take up to three times the standard time to service the facility.

Monthly Detail Maintenance:  The program is then placed on a thirty (30) day schedule and will be performed the first of each month thereafter.  This will prevent build-up of bacteria and dust throughout your facility.









Below are the tasks that will be performed:

General Office Areas

  • Dust all baseboards with Hepa filtered vacuum
  • Vacuum all upholstered furniture
  • High dust lighting and ventilation ducts
  • Low dust all corners and edges
  • Clean door jambs
  • Clean out lighting fixtures


  • Sanitize and Dust walls and partitions
  • High dust walls, light fixtures and ventilation grilles
  • Clean out lighting fixtures

Storage Rooms/Janitor’s Closet

  • Damp mop floors in storage.