Barry Bodiford | Founder & CEO

Barry focuses on the overall development of the 360clean franchise system and the innovation of each aspect of the brand. He also spearheads the recruitment of new franchise owners.

Allison Bodiford | President & Co-Founder

Allison oversees the operations of the Franchise Support Center, including the management of all franchise support functions and new support initiatives.

Brent Bodiford | VP of Franchise Services

Brent manages the accounting office at the Franchise Support Center, which includes the invoicing and reporting functions available to franchise owners. He also manages the development of other franchise support initiatives.

Jason Howell | VP of Franchise Development

Jason spearheads our expansion in becoming a national brand that is represented across the United States. This includes many components, including the recruitment and development of Regional Developers and other initiatives that further develop our franchise system at 360clean.

Lisa Crowther | Director of Corporate Operations

Lisa is the Director of Corporate Operations for 360clean. Lisa manages multiple facets of the 360clean Support Center and directs the new business development division of 360clean.  This includes the Preset Sales Appointment (PSA) program, which provides growth opportunities for 360clean franchise owners.

Ashley Weyand | Business Development Coordinator

Ashley is the Business Development Coordinator for 360clean. Ashley provides many marketing functions for the Preset Sales Appointment (PSA) program, which increases the client base for 360clean franchise owners. Ashley also manages the 360clean social media pages and other internal marketing functions.

Carly McCadden | Support Coordinator

Carly McCadden is the Support Coordinator for 360clean. In this position, Carly provides many support functions to the Franchise Owners of 360clean, including certain aspects of the customer support, invoicing support and new customer on-boarding process for franchise owners.

Don Bodiford | Business Development Representative

Don is a member of our business development team, specifically responsible for setting sales appointments as part of the Preset Sales Appointment (PSA) program.  The PSA program assists franchise owners of 360clean with obtaining new customers.