Barry Bodiford | Founder & Visionary

Barry is the Co-Founder of 360clean. Barry focuses on the overall development of the 360clean franchise system and the innovation of each aspect of the brand.

Allison Bodiford | Co-Founder

Allison is the Co-Founder of 360clean and remains an active member of the Board of Directors of the company.

Brent Bodiford | Chief Operating Officer

Brent is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for 360clean. In this role, Brent oversees the daily operations of the Support Center. He works directly with Barry Bodiford, Founder & Visionary, on integrating new initiatives that are the catalyst for the continual development of the 360clean system. Brent is responsible for the overall development of each business department of the 360clean Support Center.

Jason Howell | VP of Franchise Performance

Jason is the Vice President of Franchise Performance for 360clean. In this role, Jason works closely with existing and new franchisees in the development of their business. This includes training and providing support for the 360clean Business System amongst other tasks that are focused on developing the franchise owners of 360clean.

Lisa Crowther | Director of Marketing

Lisa is the Director of Marketing for 360clean. Lisa oversees and manages the daily operations of the Present Sales Appointment (PSA) program and is responsible for other functions for increasing opportunities for franchise owners to gain new customers. She also be handles various technology functions that are related to marketing and business development. Lisa is responsible for the overall development of the PSA program and marketing programs for new customer development.


Ashley Weyand | Business Development Coordinator

Ashley is the Business Development Coordinator for 360clean. Ashley provides many marketing functions for the Preset Sales Appointment (PSA) program, which increases the client base for 360clean franchise owners. Ashley also manages the 360clean social media pages and other internal marketing functions.


Carly McCadden | Support Services Manager

Carly McCadden is the Support Services Manager for 360clean. In this position, Carly provides many support functions to the Franchise Owners of 360clean, including certain aspects of the customer support, invoicing support and new customer on-boarding process for franchise owners.