Investment Profile

360clean franchisees come from different backgrounds, but they share similar characteristics that are critical to achieving success. 


Proven System
They recognize the value of a proven business system and are engaged to ongoing support.
Niche Service
They desire to build a business that offers a specialized service that provides a niche in the marketplace.
System Embracers
They commit to following systems that allow for healthy development of their business.
Customer Service
They are dedicated to offering superior customer service and develop their employees to do the same.

Franchise Financing

We offer partial financing of the Franchise Fee through in-house financing. See our Franchise Disclosure Document for more details.

Business Start-Up Package

Many people think the majority of their investment is all profitable revenue for the franchisor. With 360clean, this is not the case.  We reinvest into the development of your business.  Our goal is to make sure your new 360clean franchise is equipped for success. Below you will find details on these items that further exemplify our commitment to your success.

Initial Customer Base
We offer you an initial customer base for your business based on the franchise plan you choose. After this period, your business can become eligible to receive ongoing support in securing additional customers through the Performance Plus Program.
Cleaning Equipment Package
You receive a comprehensive equipment package that is part of the JaniMed System that sets 360clean apart from other cleaning companies.
Performance Plus Program
This program offers qualified franchisees a commission based sales program for their business on an ongoing basis.
Comprehensive Training
You will experience our comprehensive training program. Our training covers every facet of starting and developing a successful 360clean business.

Are You Ready For Success?