As a janitorial company that cleans over 1,000,000 square feet per night in healthcare settings, we decided to take our cleaning procedures to the next level for ALL OFFICE BUILDINGS

The first priority of nearly all cleaning companies is the protection of facility image.  At 360clean, the first priority is Infection Control and by doing this the protection of the facility image is obtained at a much higher level.

This is accomplished through our JaniMed cleaning system and processes.  The JaniMed system utilizes cleaning chemicals and procedures that protect the health of your patients and employees.

The best part is many times we can implement our JaniMed system at the same price or less than your current cleaning service.  We look forward to showing you what 360clean and our JaniMed cleaning system can do to protect your facility…but more importantly what JaniMed can do to protect your employees and customers.



Green SealTM Environmental Leadership Standard for Commercial Cleaning Services  The JaniMed System meets the standards of GS-42.



Does your current cleaning company focus on protecting the health of you and your employees?

360clean specializes in cleaning medical offices and other offices that desire to have a clean, yet germ free environment.This is accomplished through our specialized approach to cleaning, which involves hygienic office cleaning processes.

Does your current cleaning company use advanced cleaning technologies to avoid cross contamination while cleaning?

The use of traditional cleaning rags leads to cross-contamination of germs. With 360clean,our proprietary cleaning methods use advanced color-coded technology to completely eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.

What do they do to succeed in germ removal?

360clean uses Microfiber cleaning cloths designed to be more effective and catch more of the dirt and germs that the traditional cotton rags or paper towels leave behind.

Are they cleaning with hospital grade disinfectants with a focus on germ infested touch surfaces, counters and floors?

Our operations are focused on cleaning beyond what the human eye can see.

Does your current cleaning company use vacuums that have Multi-filtration, HEPA certified and improve indoor air quality?

This is another example of our commitment to higher standards.

Is your current cleaning company responsive to your needs and requests?

360clean offers the 360care program which provides the customer a web-based program for you to keep track with the past, current and future success of our services.  Our 360care program also provides each client a Client Loyalty Associate.