Income Potential

Don’t just purchase the ability to open a franchise location, take advantage of the opportunity to build an empire and
benefit from the multiple revenue streams of owning a 360clean regional office.


Your office shares in the royalties generated in your region. This is through the shared royalty program that allows you to share in the growth of the 360clean franchisees in your territory. Your office receives 6% of the gross billings in your region!

Sales Commissions

Your office will assist franchise owners with growing their business through acquiring new contracts for the franchisees to service. Your office receives 85% of Sales Commissions, which equate to up to three times (3x) the monthly billing amount of the new contract.

Franchise Fees

You will be paid 70% of the net Franchise Fee for each 360clean franchise sold in your region.


Minimum Capital Required: $75,000

360clean’s Regional Developer model allows you to build an empire in your region through securing customer contracts and recruiting 360clean unit franchise business owners that will service the contracts.

The revenue streams for a franchised Regional Development Office provide for the ability to experience a fast return on your investment while benefiting from a low overhead business. 

See Item 7 of the FDD for additional information.