Training & Support

Our training will cover every aspect of successfully building your empire. Our support process and structure is built to increase sales and profits. We are the lowest overhead Master Franchise type business model available...PERIOD!

Getting Your Business Setup

Initial Training Program

We will provide you a training program that will provide education on every aspect of how to successfully develop a regional developer business.  During your training class, we will set up your marketing programs for franchise and customer recruitment. These programs are tested and proven in our business model.  The initial training program occurs at our National Support Center in Charleston, SC and in your region.

During the training, you can expect to receive extensive on subjects such as the following:

  • Commercial Cleaning Industry 
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Sales Process
  • Bidding & Estimating
  • Creating a Proposal
  • Franchise Recruitment Process
  • Franchisee Relations

After the initial training, our support team will visit your office for Launch Week!

Business Launch Week

Time to lay the groundwork for success!  Our support team will provide an official opening and launch of your business in your local area.  This includes notifying local media and other PR strategies.  We will spend this week focusing on implementing all aspects of running your regional office.

Ongoing Support & Training

We offer industry leading support...just ask!  You will have access to our National Support Center team, which also includes webinars, conference calls, conferences and other opportunities for you and your regional office to experience ongoing education for the development of your business.