Germs are everywhere but there are certain places in an office setup where there are higher concentrations of germs as compared to the others. Most of these places or items are shared by many employees hence they get to gather a great deal of germs. Failing to sanitize or wash your hand after you interact with such places might make you catch an infection. Here are the dirtiest places that you need to watch out for in the office-:

Washroom taps

Washroom is the most frequently visited room in the office and whereas germs will be found almost in any place in the washroom, a good concentration of them will be present in the washroom taps. This is because everybody will want to wash their hands each time they use the washroom but nobody will remember to clean the taps unless the janitor is around.

Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets is another dirty place in the office. As people open the cabinets to deposit and withdraw files, they also leave a considerable amount of germs. The most affected parts are the handles and the top of the cabinets.

Fridge handles

The handles of office fridges are another culprit as far as the dirtiest places in the office are concerned. People visit the fridges a lot when they need to have a cold drink, take out some snacks, store away excess snacks etc. Watch out that you clean your hands each and every time you are from the fridge.

Office telephone

This becomes serious when the office phone is located in central place where employees have to leave their workstation in order to access it. If the office receives a lot of calls during the day, then the telephone handle is likely to accumulate a great deal of germs that will be transferred to every employee that uses it.

The easiest way to ensure that you are not affected by germs from these places is to wash your hands or use hand sanitizers each time you interact with them. It will also be a good idea if such surfaces are disinfected a couple of times during the day by professional janitors.

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