Office Cleaning for Nashville

If you manage or own a commercial office in Nashville, we are sure you desire to have a clean and germ free environment.  But, are you receiving that type of janitorial service on a consistent basis?

At 360clean of Nashville, our system of operations is focused on providing a health focused office cleaning service and the service is measured on a consistent basis.  This is accomplished through our JaniMed Cleaning System, which includes specialized training, color-coded microfiber rags, health focused chemicals and other equipment that is built for a healthy office cleaning service.

After you are finished reading this article, please take a visit to the janitorial closet in your facility.  Are the rags,that are being used to clean your office, separated by color?  To decrease the chance of cross-contamination, a commercial cleaning service provider should use color-coded microfiber rags that make sure that rags used to clean the restroom are not used to clean a desk.  Also, there are other colors that are included that differentiate where rags should be used.

We hope this information is a helpful tip for you as your business strive to maintain a healthy and clean office biulding in Nashville.

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