Maybe You Should Consider a More Hygienic Office Cleaning 




We innovated "cleaning for health" and now we are using this approach in all office buildings in the Tampa area. Our unique business model and specialized approach to office cleaning protects your employees and clients from illness causing germs while protecting your company's bottom line. 360clean is the leader in janitorial services for Tampa!

As a janitorial service company that cleans millions of square feet per night in healthcare settings, we decided to take our cleaning procedures to the next level for all office buildings.  Most office cleaning service companies view clean based on how an area looks. At 360clean, we take it a step further. The goal of 360clean is to provide a clean, yet germ and infectious free environment.  This provides for the safety of our clients, their customers and their employees. This is accomplished through our JaniMed Cleaning System® and processes. 

The best part is many times we can implement our JaniMed system at the same price or less than your current cleaning service. We look forward to showing you what 360clean and our JaniMed Cleaning System can do to protect your facility…but more importantly what 360clean of Tampa can do to protect your employees and customers. 

Centralized Management Process.
Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction.

360clean takes pride in customer retention and eliminating the stress you normally experience from managing your janitorial service vendor via our 360care Program. 360clean accomplishes this through a centralized management process and consistently measuring the delivery of the janitorial services in Tampa. Our quality control program provides a centralized service management process and integrates technology that provides our clients a web-based solution to submit feedback regarding our services.  learn more

Certified Cleaning Service Providers.
Independent Ownership Assures Quality.

The service provider for your facility will make a commitment to be a Certified Facility Care Professional via the CFCP program each year.  Our business model is focused on providing a consistent and high quality service, while eliminating the the stress and time consuming tasks caused by a traditional facility service company.  We get it!

Service Area: Tampa, Pinellas Park, Temple Terrace, Wesley Chapel, Carrollwood, Citrus Park, Dunedin, Clearwater, St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay Metro Area

Are You Ready For a Healthier Office Cleaning Service?