Hiring a commercial cleaning company can sometimes be complicated. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be. When it comes to finding the best commercial cleaning company for your needs, there are specific ways to go about it and certain practices to avoid. So if you are searching the internet for cleaning companies to no avail, it’s time to formulate a new strategy. But what is the best way to do that?

Before delving into different considerations, do some honest introspection and consider your company’s needs. What would benefit your daily operation without infringing on your business methodology? Then, get a piece of paper and write down everything you can imagine. Once you have everything written down, you can start evaluating companies and comparing their offerings to your needs.

A solid list of your cleaning needs will help you ask the right questions and weed out companies that are not a good fit. While it might seem like extra work, it will save you time and money in the long run. Even better, when you hire a commercial cleaning company like 360clean, you will have a set of stringent standards to hold it to.

Now that you’re ready to begin your search, here are some tips on how to find the best commercial cleaning company for your business needs.

How Much Experience Do They Have?

One of the first things you should evaluate when selecting a commercial cleaning company is how many years of experience the company has. There are several ways you can find this out.

For example, a company that has been in business for a while and has a strong track record will usually list its years of operation in the About Us section of its website. However, if the information is not listed, that’s not necessarily a red flag. Instead, you can ask friends and colleagues who have used its services or even contact the company.

Understanding how many years of experience a company has will give you an idea of its longevity in the industry and its expertise. Remember that newer companies aren’t necessarily inferior; they just don’t have a lengthy service record. This is just one factor to consider against several others. No matter its years of experience, if a company has spent its time in business building a record of quality and excellent service, this is a good sign.

Do They Screen Employees?

Companies that screen their employees demonstrate their commitment to your safety and prosperity. If you’ve ever been in a situation with a bad egg that wasn’t properly vetted, you understand.

Someone with a sketchy background or a penchant for unreliability is not someone you want to be involved in your business. So in that regard, vetting is not something you should have to do yourself. But, unfortunately, if the company you are contracting with doesn’t do it, the truth will likely come out soon enough and often at your expense.

To avoid putting yourself in a compromising situation, make sure the company you are contracting with properly vets its employees. Before hiring a company, this information is extremely important to know, so do not be afraid to ask the company directly. If the employee you speak with dodges the question or provides an evasive response, that is probably not the best company for your business.

Do They Carry Insurance?

One of the most important questions for any company is whether it is insured. Working with an uninsured company could end up costing you big time.

When you first meet with a prospective commercial cleaning company, find out what kind of insurance it carries and if its workers are covered under workman’s comp. If they are not, then they will not be covered in the event of an injury.

In addition to carrying workman’s comp, make sure the company you hire is responsible for paying its workers’ taxes. Again, this is an additional burden you will not want to deal with.

Unfortunately, if the company you are contracting with does not carry workman’s comp and there is an injury, the liability will likely fall to you and your business. Needless to say, this is an expensive problem to have. In addition, dealing with the fallout and litigation can prove exhausting and counterproductive to running your business.

As with employee vetting, the best way to determine whether a company is insured is to ask directly. After all, this is a serious question with dire implications for your well-being.

Do They Provide Cleaning Supplies?

Purchasing your own cleaning supplies to get the job done while simultaneously paying the company for its work can eat into your bottom line. For this reason, it is a good idea to inquire whether the company you are vetting will bring its own supplies as part of its regular fee for ongoing work.

Some companies supply a variety of EPA-approved, eco-friendly chemicals that can clean and disinfect. Many will also bring specialized vacuums and brooms to get the job done.

However, if you have a specific preference for what tools to use, you can always ask the company before hiring it. For example, if you are adamant that only one particular type of vacuum can be used on your floors, you will want to discuss this with the company.

Many companies will likely be accommodating, although they may try to educate you on why they use their preferred tools.

Are Their Employees Relatable?

You’ll want a company that makes your working relationship comfortable. After all, you are placing tremendous trust in this company by allowing its employees to clean your spaces. This is why relatability is a significant factor when deciding which company to hire.

Does having these people alone in your building after hours give you a positive or sinking feeling? Obviously, you want to feel at ease, allowing the cleaning company’s workers to come and go whenever they need to clean.

During your initial consultation, consider the employees’ demeanor and how their responses make you feel. Are they trustworthy? What is their work ethic like? These are all crucial questions you should ask yourself before initiating a business relationship.

Ideally, it would help if you contracted with a company that goes the extra mile to keep your space clean. If a worker comes across an employee of yours in your building, they should treat them with respect and politeness while not wasting too much time with idle chatter. To that point, you’ll want to hire someone whose sense of urgency matches your own.

What Do Their Testimonials Say?

Testimonials often provide vital insight into how a company operates. Many websites allow users to write reviews, the most popular being Google and Yelp.

When reading reviews, try to put yourself in the author’s shoes. Sometimes people leave negative reviews for reasons that are out of the company’s control, while others are entirely warranted. Discerning the difference between legitimate and unwarranted reviews is essential to ensure you don’t miss out on a good thing.

In addition to browsing online, you can also contact the company and ask for current references. Ensure to obtain a mix of new customers and clients who have used the company for a long time, assuming the company has been established for over a couple of years.

Doe They Train Their Employees?

Some companies care more about speed than quality. This can prove detrimental if you aim to protect yourself and visitors from viruses and bacteria. When a company cleans too hastily, it creates opportunities for error. With every mistake, there is a chance someone could get sick.

When evaluating companies, inquire about their work philosophies and how they train their employees. For example, are there specific methods in which they specialize? What about the chemicals and equipment they use for cleaning? Understanding how a company trains its employees will also lend insight into how much it cares about its clients.

What Are Their Hours of Operation?

You will want a cleaning company that keeps your schedule in mind. This is an essential consideration because companies often have different hours of operation.

Sometimes companies will advertise 24-hour service only to send a third-party contractor after certain hours. If the company you are considering does this, you need to know about it.

Some companies offer personalized service, which is excellent if you need cleaners at a specific time, such as after hours when your employees are gone.

Additionally, you will want to ensure the company can provide expedient service in an emergency. Having someone there in minutes as opposed to hours could be the difference between some of your employees getting sick or not.

Does They Provide Multiple Services?

Depending on your needs, you might want a cleaning company that provides various services instead of one concentration. This will enable it to service multiple areas of your building, such as windows and areas that require a specialized approach.

Keep in mind that some of these services may include an additional cost. To ensure everything works for your budget, you should consult the company about fees related to extra services at your initial consultation.

Ideally, you will have a single company cleaning your building. This will simplify the entire operation and give you easy recourse if something goes wrong. In addition, by simplifying things through a single commercial cleaning company, you’re giving yourself more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Do They Hire Employees or Subcontractors?

Some companies have their own trained employees, while others hire subcontractors. Whichever you choose depends on your specific need; however, many people prefer companies with their own employees.

There are various reasons for this, with the most popular being the personalized service with dedicated employees. Unlike subcontractors, dedicated employees will have access to their company’s notes and be able to provide customized service.

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