When you inspect the service provided by your office cleaning service, what do you use as a measurement of success?  If you’re like most office managers, you inspect to make sure the restrooms are clean, the trash is emptied and the floors are clean. Please allow me to paint a picture in your mind.  You’re working after 5pm and you’re walking down your office hallway.  You greet the cleaning lady as she leaves from cleaning the men’s restroom.  You notice she has a white cotton rag that was used to clean the restroom.  You think nothing more about that rag until a few minutes later as the cleaning lady begins to wipe down your desk.  And then you really begin to think about it when she ask if it’s ok for her to wipe down your phone receiver.

Yes – it happens everyday in many offices across the United States.  It’s a prime example of the traditional cleaning company spreading germs through cross-contamination.

So what’s the resolution?  Let me introduce you to microfiber cleaning rags.

The great thing about microfiber cleaning rags is they prevent cross-contamination due to the ability to color code the rags.  This means there is a rag for different functions of your cleaning service employees.

Red:  Restrooms

Green: Dusting

Blue: Glass

Yellow: Counter Surfaces & Touch Surfaces

As you can see, there is a clear health advantage to your cleaning service taking advantage of the benefit of microfiber cleaning rags.  I bet you’ve never thought this deep about cleaning rags.

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