Fitness Center Janitorial Cleaning

In many cases, the cleaning practices of your fitness center can be a determining factor of whether clients deem it a safe place to work out. Nobody likes reaching for equipment that’s visibly dirty and covered in bacteria, and it is pretty obvious why. A fitness center that does not clean its facilities correctly can contribute to the spread of germs, disease, and even skin conditions on their premises. They must thoroughly clean all equipment daily.

Fortunately, our team of fitness center cleaning professionals has what it takes to guarantee that your fitness center is up to the cleaning standards. They know how to keep your clients and employees healthy and satisfied while they work out in your fitness center. Whether it is maintaining the workout space, the equipment, the lobby, and even the changing room, we have the knowledge and experience to know what risks an unclean fitness center presents. More importantly, we know the cleaning measures that need to be taken to do away with those risks. Call us today and leave the task of cleaning in our hands—you will not be disappointed.

Gym Janitorial Cleaning

There’s nothing worse than going to a gym, using their equipment, and having the feeling that no one has cleaned it recently. It should be every gym-goer’s task to clean up after themselves and sanitize equipment after using it. But a quick wipe down with a disinfectant wipe does not always guarantee cleaning or sanitation to the level that clients expect. That’s where 360clean comes in. Leave the task of gym cleaning for us. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the highest cleanliness and sanitation standards for the sake of both you and your clients.

Depending on the size of your gym, you may have dozens of clients using it every day. That’s a lot of sweat and bacteria. Failure to properly clean equipment regularly can result in the spread of health problems and also a bad reputation for your business. Working hard, sweating, and getting equipment dirty is not a problem. But neglecting to clean it certainly is. We use high-quality, hospital-grade disinfectant to eradicate bacteria and make your workout space as hygienically sound as possible. Your clients can get fit without jeopardizing their health and exposing themselves to excessive amounts of bacteria.

Yoga Janitorial Cleaning

Whether your clients are yoga fanatics or everyday people who use it as a means of relaxation, cleanliness and sanitation ought to be off of your list of worries when running a yoga studio. After all, your studio is meant to be a relaxing space where your clients can feel comfortable. They should feel at ease as they strive to step away from the stresses of everyday life. Leave the task of maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of your yoga studio within the hands of 360clean. Our team of top-notch yoga cleaning professionals will ensure that you and your clients always have a relaxing, clean, and well-maintained studio to practice yoga.

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