Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Maintaining a well-kept hard surface floor is crucial when it comes to keeping your home or business looking like it’s in top shape. Essential mopping or scrubbing can be an excellent quick fix. But it’s advised to give your floors a professional deep-clean from time to time. This deep cleaning will remove hard-to-reach dirt, stains, and other material that may be preventing your floor from looking its best.

Regardless of what material your hard surface floor is made of, our experts at 360clean are committed to providing professional-grade hard surface floor cleaning services. We clean tiled floors, hardwood floors, and all other common types of floors. Our processes go beyond simply cleaning the floor. We use measures designed to prolong both the effects of our cleaning job and also the expected life of the floor itself.

It all starts by stripping off what remains from the current layer of wax to give us a “fresh canvas” with which to work. We then apply a high-grade sealer to the floor followed by a few layers of wax (usually 4–5 coats depending on the material). Another exemplary service that we offer is scrubbing and wax recoating. This cleaning is best for a floor that has been previously waxed but needs a touch-up and protective recoating.

Tiles Floor Cleaning

Tile cleaning can be a tedious process. Dirt, mold, and other materials can easily find their home in-between your tiles in high-moisture areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens. A professional cleaning job allows your tiles to look their best and shiniest. But also, regular cleaning goes a long way toward preventing the spread of mold within your home or business. While regular mopping and scrubbing is indeed an essential part of a thorough cleaning regimen, our cleaning service can provide more heavy-duty services. We provide services such as machine buffing to a deep cleaning of your tile floors so that you can enjoy a happier, healthier space as a result.

Wood Floor Cleaning

Keeping your wood floor cleaned and well-maintained is crucial to ensure that it stays intact for as long as possible. Neglect and failure to regularly clean your wood floor typically result in needing to replace it sooner, and this is generally not a cheap undertaking. It may seem easier to try and save money by neglecting regular wood floor cleaning services. But the truth is that you would need to replace your floor a few years earlier rather than extending its life through routine cleaning. A floor replacement will end up costing a lot more in the end.

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