Since the COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning trends for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications have changed significantly. As a result, the demand for sanitation and disinfection skyrocketed, putting cleaning companies that serve commercial clients in a unique position where their work went from routine to high-risk and unpredictable.

While some protocols originating during the pandemic have already eased up, others are still going strong and giving rise to additional new procedures. In addition, because the commercial cleaning landscape has changed so much in recent years, many companies wonder what kinds of cleaning trends the future has in store.

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What the Next Few Years Have in Store for Cleaning Pros

It’s no secret that the industrial and institutional cleaning industry is an ever-evolving sector. It’s also one that will always be in high demand, pandemic or not. As the needs of hospitals, schools, factories, and other businesses and organizations change, so, too, do cleaning trends.

New developments show an increasing need for all manner of cleaning services. In fact, the global industrial and institutional cleaning market was valued at approximately $366 million in 2022. By 2029, that number is expected to climb to over $477 million.

A Blending of Household and Commercial Cleaning

Interestingly, one of the trends the industrial and institutional cleaning industry is seeing is a sharp rise in the number of households employing commercial cleaners.

Many working homeowners these days have a serious lack of time, leading more than ever to seek the services of commercial cleaning professionals to keep their homes clean.

People are generally staying home more these days, especially those working remotely. More time at home means more messes and, ultimately, an increased need for cleaning services to keep things in order.

This presents an excellent opportunity for cleaning businesses to launch marketing campaigns aimed at busy households. These campaigns should advertise enticing services at affordable prices while focusing on long-lasting results, top-tier commercial-grade cleaning products, and proven methods.

The Ongoing Aftermath of the Pandemic

Although COVID-19 cases have dropped off considerably since the height of the pandemic, memories of those few years remain deeply ingrained in the minds of many business leaders whose companies were lucky enough to survive.

The world may be recovering from the devastation COVID-19 caused, but the pandemic remains an impactful threat in many ways.

Through this year and possibly the next, commercial and industrial cleaners are expected to continue taking precautions while on the job.

They’ll continue to perform extensive disinfecting and sanitizing throughout facilities as organizations attempt to ward off not only COVID-19 but also other severe illnesses, such as influenza and monkeypox, which began to surface in 2022.

For these reasons, clients expect institutional and industrial cleaning crews to be COVID-19 certified. It’s a good idea for companies to make the investment and take the time to become certified to show current and future clients that they take their safety seriously.

Seeking COVID-19 certification is an excellent way to maintain (and even boost) customer loyalty and brand trust. Since the pandemic, awareness of the spread of viruses and sanitation necessities has increased significantly in public spaces.

Cleaning companies should always emphasize the importance of sanitation and be prepared for increased demand for services at any time of year.

An Increase in Requests for Deep Cleaning

Another notable phenomenon in the commercial and industrial cleaning sphere is the demand for deep cleanings. Compared to routine general cleaning, deep cleaning involves touchpoint disinfection and more intensive cleaning procedures and methods.

After COVID, businesses can no longer afford to take cleaning companies for granted. They’re requesting deep cleanings more than ever in an attempt to eliminate potentially harmful germs and boost worker health and safety.

Deep cleaning includes more thorough cleaning activities than what’s performed as part of a daily schedule. This can range from scrubbing floors and detailing furniture to sanitizing ventilation system air ducts and other hard-to-reach areas that aren’t addressed during regular cleanings.

It’s recommended that commercial spaces undergo deep cleanings at least once per month. That said, high-traffic areas that see large volumes of customers, such as malls or open offices, may benefit from more frequent deep cleanings. Ideally, commercial spaces should be deep-cleaned at least once per week.

Concerns over Staffing and Employment

Another lingering effect of the pandemic is staffing and employment concerns. Employee retention is predicted to be much more of a challenge during upcoming years, especially as the shockwave of The Great Resignation continues to be felt in certain industries, including the commercial cleaning niche.

Many cleaning companies are finding it necessary to turn away clients or put them on waitlists due to staffing shortages. Needless to say, this is bad for business on many levels — the more potential clients a company is forced to leave hanging, the more potential revenue they have to watch slip through their proverbial fingers.

Industrial and institutional cleaning companies must be aware of the existential threat presented by rampant employee resignations and take smart measures to minimize the effects of consistently losing employees.

Such measures should include investing in their employees by increasing wages, offering better benefits, supporting workers through continuing education and advanced training opportunities, and introducing other incentives. And that doesn’t just go for the commercial cleaning industry — employers in every sector should do the same.

Following these suggestions for improving employee retention in the wake of the Great Resignation doesn’t mean cleaning companies should be prepared to lose money by raising wages and offering benefits. They can and should plan to adjust their pricing to reflect current market conditions.

Supply Chain Issues

Almost every industry in every sector has been impacted by supply chain crunches and shortages, which have led to increased costs, back-ordered supplies, and less-than-reliable delivery schedules.

Current and projected trends don’t show much relief from supply chain issues. If your company is suffering because of this problem, finding a more reliable supplier should be a top priority.

What’s more, many industrial, commercial, and institutional cleaning companies are reducing the number of suppliers they work with. Downsizing the supplier network can significantly lower a cleaning company’s overhead costs.

Cleaning companies are also stocking up on bulk supplies for several reasons.

Generally speaking, items are cheaper per piece when purchased in mass quantities. Buying in bulk also allows the company to go longer without reordering supplies, diminishing the chances of supply chain complications over the long term. In other words, fewer deliveries mean fewer chances for missed deliveries.

Making Green Promises

One of the biggest somewhat-new trends cleaning companies are seeing is the creation of “green promises.” Although this initiative isn’t necessarily a new one for the upcoming year, it’s definitely gaining momentum with the passage of time.

A green promise is a commitment made by an organization or business to reduce the environmental impact they make, otherwise known as a carbon footprint. Green promises can serve as a marketing tactic through pledges to change operations to be more environmentally friendly.

These campaigns can take several forms and may include vows like:

  • Reducing waste
  • Increasing recycling efforts
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Limiting water use
  • Switching to green cleaning supplies and products

Green promises can also include using more sustainable materials and enforcing sustainable practices. Making them can help companies boost business in many ways while simultaneously working toward a healthier, more sustainable future.

Green promises are an important showcase of businesses leading by example in the fight against pressing environmental challenges, including climate change.

Raising Cleaning Rates

In addition to raising cleaning rates to compensate for increasing wages and benefits, cleaning companies (residential, commercial, and industrial alike) are raising cleaning rates to cover other types of costs.

Cleaning businesses’ costs have risen sharply over the past few years due to inflation and other economic factors. These increases extend to things like transportation expenses, utility expenses, and rent costs.

Service rates are trending upward to keep up with inflation in all sectors and industries, not just commercial cleaning, and it’s safe to predict that they’ll continue doing so for the foreseeable future.

Implementing Cleaning Software

Did you know that there’s software intended to help cleaning company owners manage their businesses more effectively? Greater efficiency translates to reduced costs, which means these programs have the potential to save companies time and money.

Cleaning software is specifically designed to ease business burdens, including invoicing, scheduling, estimating and quoting, and client relationships. It can also be used to maintain employee records, client contact information, payment receipts, automatic payment management, paycheck management, supply ordering, and more.

Websites, Mobile Apps, and Tools for Clients

A major trend that will no doubt continue through the next several years is the introduction of websites and apps meant to benefit cleaning clients.

Cleaning companies in all sectors, from household to industrial, are investing in interactive, user-friendly websites that are full of the kind of valuable information today’s customers are looking for. Mobile apps are seeing a similar spike in popularity.

Sophisticated websites and apps allow clients to book cleanings online themselves. They can also use these tools to request a quote, reschedule and cancel appointments, and engage in live chats with companies.

With mobile apps, companies are making themselves more accessible, as clients can book services from anywhere at any time, provided they have a supported device.

Some of these tools also allow customers to create client accounts where they can set up regular cleanings, input and save payment methods, manage their billing details, and more. It’s all part of the recent push toward global digitalization, which shows no signs of slowing.

High-Tech Cleaning

In general, trends point to a steady increase in the advancement of cleaning technology. That goes for everything from booking and bookkeeping to methods, products, and tools.

For example, steam cleaning equipment offers superior disinfecting capabilities and is affordable and environmentally friendly. As such, steam cleaning has gained much momentum as a requested service.

UV-C technology is another cleaning technology that’s been on the rise lately. It involves the use of ultraviolet radiation to kill viruses and bacteria.

Although it sounds quite advanced, hospitals have employed UV-C technology for over a half-century. However, it’s now catching the attention of businesses other than healthcare centers, which want to take advantage of the same degree of disinfecting in their own facilities.

Trust 360Clean for Trend-Transcending Cleanings

Commercial cleaning companies should stay current on the trends outlined here to ensure they can offer what clients want.

As needs change and technology grows more capable, clients will come more and more to expect the best and most advanced cleaning and disinfecting services. That’s exactly what 360Clean offers.

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