Keeping A Culture of Lifelong Learning

Written By: Ashley Weyand, 360clean Business Development Manager

The commercial cleaning industry is ever evolving. At 360clean we pride ourselves in our ability to educate and train our owners/operators on the newest systems and technologies being developed in the custodial services sector.

To achieve life-long learning culture at 360clean we:

Encourage “Share” Learning

“When you join the 360fam it is nice to know you are not alone. You have other Franchisees to lean on in regard to experience, suggestions, and learning opportunities for growth. Our culture drives the Franchisees to feel comfort in reaching out for help to other Franchise Owners and vise versa. Whether its a quick call, text or shout out on social media- the 360fam is the best support system out there!”, 360clean Marketing Manager, Lisa Crowther.

Performance Coaching

Who knows better than someone who has already been in your shoes? 360clean VP of Franchise Performance, Jason Howell, provides one-on-one performance coaching to all franchisees in the 360clean system. Jason is no newcomer to 360clean. He ran a very successful 360clean franchise in Florence, SC before he transitioned into his career at the corporate office.


“We offer multiple conventions throughout the year to get together to present impactful content, provide networking opportunities, and relationship building interactions. Through this, we are able to establish on-going, two-way communication from the Support Center to Franchise Owners, “ 360clean Marketing Manager, Lisa Crowther.

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