Maybe You Should Consider A More Hygienic Office Cleaning Service

By: Barry Bodiford
July 5, 2018

Most cleaning companies view clean based on how an area looks. At 360clean, we take it a step further. The goal of 360clean is provide a clean, yet germ and infectious free environment.  This provides for the safety of our clients, their customers and their employees.

The most important attributes of clean cannot be seen. These are germs and infections that live in every public facility in our country.

This is why we offer our JaniMed cleaning system and processes. The JaniMed system consists of specialized training, hospital grade disinfectants, state of the art equipment including micro-fiber technology, Hepa Vacuums with four levels of filtration and a focus on touch surfaces.

We service all types of facilities
  • Medical Facilities
  • Banks/Financial Institutions
  • Education
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Churches
  • Day Care Facilities
  • Health Clubs

Contact us for a free proposal that you can use to compare to current janitorial service.  We offer our specialized janitorial service in Denver, Co; New Orleans, LA; Mobile, AL; Birmingham, AL; Pensacola, FL; Panama City, FL; Atlanta, GA; Charleston, SC; Greenville, SC; Spartanburg, SC; Asheville, NC; Myrtle Beach, SC; Hilton Head/Beaufort, SC; Columbia, SC; Augusta, GA; Chicago, IL; Madison, WI; La Crosse, WI and Annapolis, MD.

Barry Bodiford

Barry is the Founder and Visionary of

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