New Zee Spotlight

Meet Anthony Scoppettuolo – Indianapolis, IN

Where are you from?

I am born and raised in New Jersey. Then spent the last 15 years between Florida and Indiana.

Why did you decide to open your 360clean franchise?

I decided to open a 360clean Franchise because of The 360clean Resume. Then, following that up with the proof was ultimately what made me sign on the dotted line. In regards to that, I mean hearing the positivity from all the other franchisees, how they are willing to help us make a plan to achieve what we are wanting out of owning a  360clean Franchise while being a true partner. Not to mention the Amazing communication from everyone at the Support Center. They never made me feel lesser of myself for any question asked and was always available for us to help. I was looking long and hard for the perfect franchise. Many had some great opportunities and reasons for considering,  but none hit Everything we felt we experienced with 360clean. After an Unbelievable positive experience this past weekend at 360clean Support Center it definitely solidified our decision to team up with this overall great opportunity with the 360fam!

3 Fun Facts About Yourself:

  1. I have used my juggling  (semi talent) to lighten the air to many sales at different jobs and career paths.
  2. I am now related to the Terminator. After my 4th heart operation, I run off Dunkin (my favorite coffee) ..  haha as well as a mechanical heart valve that keeps my heart pumping. Let’s just say I live every day to my fullest. Not only for me, but I try to share that with as many people as I can. You just never know when you may not be able to.
  3. I am a man of Many Many names and phrases!
    Ant Scop
    $2 Tony
    Can’t Stop Ant Scop!
    * Why Not Use Me & 360clean For Your Janitorial Needs?? Because Tony Spelled Backwards Is????? Y NOT!
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