Does your current cleaning company use advanced cleaning technologies to avoid cross contamination while cleaning?

The use of traditional cleaning rags leads to cross-contamination of germs. With a health focused cleaning service, their proprietary cleaning methods use advanced color-coded technology to completely eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.

What do they do to succeed in germ removal?

A health focused cleaning service uses Microfiber cleaning cloths designed to be more effective and catch more of the dirt and germs that the traditional cotton rags or paper towels leave behind.

Does your cleaning service use microfiber when mopping?

A health focused cleaning service microfiber flat mopping method that provides a cleaner surface and greatly increases germ removal.

Are they cleaning with hospital grade disinfectants with a focus on germ infested touch surfaces, counters and floors?

The operations with a health focused cleaning service are focused on cleaning beyond what the human eye can see.

Does your current cleaning company use vacuums that have Multi-filtration, HEPA certified and improve indoor air quality?

This is another example of a commitment to higher standards.

Is your current cleaning company responsive to your needs and requests?

A hygienic office cleaning service offers an advanced quality control system which provides the customer a web-based program for you to keep track with the past, current and future success of our services.

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