Support Center Spotlight

Meet Lisa Crowther.

360clean’s Director of Marketing.

Lisa joined the 360clean in January of 2017. She is the glue that holds the Support Center together by overseeing and managing multiple departments.

Where is Lisa from?

She grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia (Go Birds!)  and moved South, after receiving her degree Elementary Education, to start her teaching career. She taught kindergarten for 1 year and ultimately changed career paths that led her to 360clean!

What does Lisa do?

As the Director of Marketing for 360clean,  Lisa oversees the PSA Program to help franchisees build their business from the ground up. Lisa also plays a crucial role in the new franchisee onboarding process. She insures we bring on new franchisees that correlate with the 360clean brand and mission statement. 

Fun Facts

  1.  She doesn’t like chocolate but LOVES Reese’s Cups.
  2. She backpacked through Europe for 4 weeks.
  3. She’s a crazy cat lady.

Written By: Ashley Weyand

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