Meet Martin Mascio, 360clean’s Vice President of Franchise Operations

A Q&A with 360clean’s newest addition to the Corporate Office.


Where are you from?
Born and raised in Pelion, SC. Tiny town USA just outside of Columbia that is famous for the Pelion Peanut Party where I helped boil peanuts for the town and neighboring communities from when I was a kid, up until I graduated high school.


What is your favorite Holiday tradition?
Favorite Holiday tradition would be eating at Texas Roadhouse after Christmas Eve Mass in Augusta Georgia with my immediate family and two amazing nieces. This started 7 years ago when celebrating my Goddaughter’s first Christmas, and still going strong.


What are your duties at the 360clean Support Office?
At the support office, I work each day to provide Franchise Owners an open mind into issues they may face. I help the support team with New Franchise training, but the training will follow them with the growth of their business. With that being said, I also provide assistance on bidding accounts as well as finding ways they can provide additional services within their current client base.


3 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I have officiated my best friends wedding…I think I was shocked more than anyone.
  2. I am honored to be named after my Grandfather, but blessed to share the same birthday as him.
  3. When I was a kid I climbed a tree so tall the Fire Dept. couldn’t come get me, and was rescued by neighbor.




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