Test Helps Grade COVID-19 Prevention Practices

​A professor at a small college in Iowa has helped to develop a test to determine how good of a job people are doing of avoiding behaviors that lead to the spread of COVID-19.

Luther College Psychology Professor Loren Toussaint and his colleagues have crafted a sort of quiz that assesses the hygienic and social distancing habits of people during the pandemic, reports KCRG. The assessment asks participants to rank on a scale of one to five how well they’re doing things like throwing used tissues in the trash, avoiding contact with sick people, and cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces.

Toussaint says the recommendations the U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention are making pertaining to COVID-19 prevention tend to center around behaviors related to cleanliness and one’s ability to contain his or her own germs. The list of nine straight-forward questions assess just that.

The test results let people compare themselves to the infection prevention standards of others, but that’s not all. The results can also be used by businesses to grade how good of a job their employees are doing of adhering to infection prevention standards.

Toussaint says the tests are effective because education that is targeted at a certain person or group of people tends to have a positive impact on their behaviors.

Toussaint and his colleagues conducted the assessment early on in the pandemic and found that the majority of the 900 who participated were participating in healthy behavior.

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