Source:, February 8, 2021

It’s Never Too Late (or Early) to Become an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship Gets Better with Age

Not only is it easier than ever to start your own business with nothing more than a computer and WiFi, but more and more people are looking for flexibility, freedom, and control over their time. We all want work that fuels our passion and gives life meaning.

And it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or how old you are – entrepreneurship is for anyone who wants to join the movement and has the guts to try.

Turns out, that’s a lot of people. The Kauffman Foundation reports that half of all adults and over 70% of college students say they want to become entrepreneurs.

That’s a lot of young people, but as research and countless examples have shown, this is not just a young person’s game. Many people have started a business in their later years – and many have seen incredible success.

According to findings from The National Bureau of Economic Research, the average entrepreneur is 40 years old, and the average age of leaders of high-growth startups is 45 years old.

That’s right – not only can you start a business at any age, but age is actually a predictor of entrepreneurial success.


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