The workplace is the center of your entire company. Whether that work is in a traditional office building, a stand-alone retail store, a warehouse, or a manufacturing facility, your employees want and need to have a clean space. That’s where commercial cleaning can help!

But what does a commercial cleaner do? Read on to learn more.

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What Does Commercial Cleaning Entail?

When you hire a commercial cleaning company, you are employing a team of experienced and specialized workers who know the ins and outs of making your workplace clean, tidy, and sanitary. Whether you run a hotel or restaurant, a movie theater or a mall, an office complex, or a retail store, the right cleaners will know how to cater to the needs of your business.

There are two main aspects of commercial cleaning. The first is regular cleaning, and the second is deep cleaning. Regular cleaning will be done at least weekly, while deep cleaning usually occurs much less frequently. Let’s take a look at some of the most important components of each type of cleaning.

Regular Commercial Cleaning

Depending on the type of workplace you have, your commercial cleaning company may handle regular cleaning duties daily or at least a few times per week. The tasks included in this category are the regular maintenance work that ensures the workplace is clean of all dust, dirt, and grime, and that high-contact surfaces are cleaned and disinfected. Some of these tasks include:

  • Vacuuming all floors and mats
  • Mopping hard floors with a disinfectant product
  • Dusting and wiping all surfaces of furniture such as chairs, tables, and desks
  • Removing all cobwebs
  • General straightening up of all main areas
  • Spot cleaning of all walls, light switches, and door frames
  • Wiping glass surfaces
  • Polishing hardware on doors and cabinets
  • Cleaning stairwells and elevators
  • Polishing mirrors
  • Emptying waste baskets and replacing liners
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the entire bathrooms, including sinks, toilets, and surfaces

There may be other tasks included in your regular ongoing commercial cleaning, depending on the type of workplace you run and your specialized needs.

Deep Commercial Cleaning

Deep cleaning involves a more thorough cleaning of certain areas of the workplace that require it. These areas don’t need to be cleaned every day, but they do need special attention on a somewhat regular basis. Some of these tasks may be done monthly and some quarterly — again, depending on the specific needs of your business. Some of these tasks might include:

  • Sanitizing the inside of refrigerators, freezers, and microwaves in lunch rooms
  • Shampooing carpets
  • Buffing all of the hard floor surfaces
  • Vacuuming all vents and chairs
  • Cleaning both the inside and outside of all glass that is reachable
  • Power washing the exterior of the building and exterior walkways

Some businesses may require these deep commercial cleaning tasks to be done more regularly. For example, a movie theater’s floor is much more susceptible to sticky substances such as soda, candy, and butter popcorn sticking to it. As such, this business might require the floors to be buffed on a more regular basis.

Equipment Used in Commercial Cleaning

One of the main reasons your business should hire a company with experience in commercial cleaning is because of both the training of the employees and the cleaning equipment they use. This is particularly important for the deep cleaning aspect of the job.

Commercial cleaners have access to equipment that is necessary to perform deep cleaning tasks the best. In addition, the staff at commercial cleaning companies are trained specifically to know how to operate this equipment most safely and efficiently.

The result of commercial cleaning on carpets and hard floor surfaces, for instance, will be much more effective and sanitary than it would if you tried to do it on your own or hired a company that doesn’t have commercial cleaning experience.

What’s more, commercial cleaners have access to safe and effective cleaners that can get even the dirtiest surfaces clean. They have specific acids and solvents that are designed to work on specific surfaces in specific environments so that everything is cleaned and sanitized properly and safely.

The equipment and products commercial cleaning companies use are simply not available or accessible to the everyday consumer or residential cleaning company.

The Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

You might think that you can save some money by not hiring a commercial cleaning company and handling most of the duties listed above by yourself, with your staff, or by hiring people just to clean. There are many downfalls of going down any of these routes, though.

Cleaning is not something that can be taken lightly, especially in commercial settings. People’s safety and health are at risk, and serious injury or illness can happen if workplaces aren’t cleaned and sanitized properly. In the end, while it may seem like a cost-saving measure to forego a commercial cleaner at first glance, it’ll cost you way more in the long run.

1.      It Makes Cleaning Manageable

First, if you try to do this yourself, you’ll quickly realize that it’s just not manageable. Even if you have a small workplace, cleaning properly and up to sanitary levels takes time and skill. As a business owner, you want to focus your time and effort on the things that make you money and grow your business, and not on things that you can easily hire another company to do better.

2.      Your Employees Will Be Happier

Second, if you try to have your employees do it, you may cause quite a stir around the workplace. Most employees will not look too favorably on being asked to serve as a cleaner in addition to their regular duties. You can certainly ask employees to keep their workspaces clean and tidy, but asking them to go the next step and sanitize parts of the workplace is just not a great idea.

3.      Fewer Risks & Less Work

Finally, hiring an in-house cleaning staff may seem like a great idea, but there are downfalls to that, too. If you do this, you’ll benefit from the fact that your cleaning crew will always be on hand to help whenever you need it.

The flip side, though, is you’ll take on much greater risk — and much higher costs — if you go this route. If someone gets hurt or sick due to the conditions at your workplace, the only people you’ll have to blame are your “unsafe work environment.”

In addition, if you hire an in-house cleaning staff, you will bear the burden of all the costs that go into cleaning.

This means you’ll need to purchase all the basic and advanced equipment as well as all the cleaning products they’ll need. You’ll need to find a spot in the workplace to store this equipment, and you’ll need to maintain it regularly.

A Second Set of Eyes for Your Workplace’s Problem Areas

An experienced and reputable commercial cleaning company will also serve as an advisor of sorts for your business. While staff members are cleaning your facility, they will be looking around for any problem areas. This could include stains on carpets or furniture that need to be spot cleaned or water marks on walls or windows.

In addition to tending to these problem areas immediately, the commercial cleaning company will report the issue to your company’s management. This will help you stay on top of the issue that might be causing a problem area. It could be as simple as an accidental spill, but it could be much more in-depth, too.

For example, if there are wet spots observed on walls or ceilings by the commercial cleaning staff, it could be a sign of a larger structural problem with the building itself. If left unattended, it could be disastrous.

In other words, a good commercial cleaning company won’t just do the day-to-day tasks on their checklist. They’ll serve as your workplace’s advisors on everything related to cleanliness, sanitation, and overall presentation.

That’s why it’s essential to hire an experienced and trusted commercial cleaning company to handle these duties.

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