Cleaning a workspace takes time, and keeping it clean takes even more time. Fortunately, there is a simple solution that can maximize your time and allow for increased productivity across your business. By hiring a professional commercial cleaning service, you can meet the demands of your business, increase employee productivity, and enjoy all the benefits of a consistently clean workplace. So why hire a commercial cleaning service? Read on to find six convincing reasons.

#1 Save Time and Money

As a business owner, your time is valuable — not only to yourself but also to the employees and customers impacted by your decisions. However, spending excessive time on tasks that distract you from the central goal of running your business can waste company time.

Some business owners try to cut corners by delegating cleaning tasks to their employees, but is that what they were hired for? Why not allow your employees to perform their job functions without extraneous jobs that are best left to qualified individuals with specialized training?

Finding the right commercial cleaning company will save you time and money by allowing employees to focus on the work they were hired to complete. A professional cleaning company can also help your budget by lowering the number of cleaning supplies you’ll need to have on hand. Instead of purchasing a range of cleaning products for your employees, you can rely on a commercial cleaning company to supply their own products.

#2 Maintain a Refreshing Environment

The benefits of a clean office extend far beyond sanitation, although that’s certainly a perk. A clean office can also prevent employee burnout and keep morale high.

Employees working in clean spaces are generally more productive and have more drive to complete tasks on time. Additionally, those in customer-facing positions are often more motivated and pleasant for customers to interact with when they work in a clean and inviting environment.

#3 Create a Happier Workplace

When you make the workplace a space for rejuvenation and positive energy, your employees will enjoy being there and be more likely to appreciate the opportunity to work in the area you have cultivated for them. After you hire a professional cleaning company, their cleaners will waste no time dusting and disinfecting your office space. As a result, your employees will be greeted by spotless surfaces, clean break rooms, and sterilized lavatories.

The benefits will be apparent almost immediately; when your employees encounter a tough situation in the office, the calm and relaxing environment can provide immediate recourse.

To understand the benefits of a refreshing environment, all you have to do is imagine yourself in the same situation your employees are in. Would you feel confident going into a dusty, grimy office day after day? Consider the difference a clean, aromatic workspace would make to your work day.

#4 Protect Your Staff

The office is one of the main places workers contract illnesses. That’s because office employees tend to work in close quarters and share many common areas. So when one person gets sick, it is easy for the germs to spread to other nearby employees.

It is essential to ask yourself how successful your business will be if your employees constantly call out sick; the answer is self-evident. By ensuring the office is free of dust, viruses, and bacteria, professional cleaners can help your business stay productive by keeping your workforce healthy.

Many professional cleaning companies use hospital-grade disinfectants, meaning they kill viruses and bacteria on contact and don’t need time to set in, like commercial disinfectants. This allows your employees to continue working throughout the cleaning process. And if you’d prefer the cleaners only do their job after hours, these chemicals will ensure the workplace is safe for your employees when they arrive in the morning.

#5 Cut Down on Your Cleaning Supply Budget

One significant advantage that comes with hiring cleaning professionals is the fact that they bring their own equipment. Aside from cutting down on your cleaning supply budget, these supplies from a commercial cleaning company consist of hospital-grade disinfectants and specialized vacuums that you won’t find at your local grocery store.

Where consumer-grade disinfectants take time to set in and might not eliminate all of the viruses and bacteria on a given surface, hospital-grade disinfectants kill on contact and facilitate a quicker, more effective cleaning process.

Another benefit that accompanies professional cleaning is your peace of mind. Instead of wondering whether a product or piece of equipment will work, you’ll rest easy knowing that you are in good hands and the cleaning is being taken care of without the need for micromanaging.

Remember, it never hurts to ask if you are uncertain about the supplies a commercial cleaning company will use. By inquiring about their equipment and methodology, you can get an idea of whether the company will be a good fit for your needs.

#6 Maximize Office Productivity with Professional Cleaners

Quality cleaning yields quality results and ensures the workspace is free from dirt, debris, viruses, and bacteria. Therefore, a commercial cleaning company will allow your personnel to focus on their jobs without unnecessary distractions.

If you keep stringent metrics concerning office productivity, you’ll likely notice an immediate improvement after your cleaners have a few days on the job. That’s because a clean office creates a positive feedback loop regarding employee morale and productivity.

How to Choose the Right Service

Once you understand the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company, you’ll be ready to start looking for a company that meets your business’s needs. Here are some invaluable tips on how to choose the right service.

Ask for Quotes

It never hurts to compare prices before deciding which company to hire. After all, hiring a commercial cleaning company is an investment, and hiring the wrong company can hurt your bottom line. So, in addition to giving you a better idea of pricing, asking for quotes is an excellent opportunity to test a potential business relationship.

When asking for this quote, notice how the company responds to your request. If you request anything specific to be listed in the quote, pay attention to how well the company follows directions and meets your requirements.

Understand What Is Included

Additionally, ensure you understand what services are included before signing anything. Many companies offer the following services as part of a standard cleaning package:

  • Dusting
  • Mopping
  • Vacuuming
  • Bathroom sanitization
  • Carpet cleaning

Other services like window cleaning are usually available for an extra fee. In addition to cleaning services, it is a good idea to inquire about availability. For example, some companies will only clean once or twice weekly, while others will be available every other week.

Don’t wait until it’s too late; inquire before you hire to decide if the company’s methodology aligns with your goals.

Ask for Proof of Insurance

Liability insurance is essential — always ensure any cleaning company you hire carries it. For example, you could be liable if the company is uninsured and one of its cleaners is injured in your facility.

If a company you are evaluating is unwilling or unable to provide proof of insurance, it is a red flag. The ramifications of contracting with someone who does not have general liability insurance could hurt your business and your overall bottom line.

In addition to inquiring about liability insurance, you should also ask about insurance limits, their protocol for responding if an employee is injured on the job, and how they train employees.

Evaluate the Company’s Experience & Reputation

Before you sign a contract with any company, it is essential to gauge their experience. For example, do they specialize in cleaning for a particular industry, or are they more generalized? How long have they been in business? All of these are important for determining their experience level.

Another critical step in evaluating any company is to research its reputation. There are plenty of websites where you can read reviews that will give you a general sense of how satisfied their customers are. You can also ask the company to provide a list of references.

Read the Fine Print

Make sure to read the entire contract before signing anything. Many companies will have cancellation provisions that add extra fees if you cancel services within an allotted time.

Keep Your Business Looking Its Best with 360clean

So, why hire a commercial cleaning service? We hope this blog helped answer that question!

At 360clean, commercial cleaning is nothing new to us! For nearly two decades, we have offered health-focused office cleaning services for businesses throughout the United States. In that time, we think we’ve perfected the art of keeping businesses looking their best.

We understand that safeguarding your employees’ and customers’ health and well-being is your top priority. That’s why we deploy our proven JaniMed® system, which consists of specialized training, hospital-grade disinfectants, touch surface disinfection, and state-of-the-art equipment, like micro-fiber technology and Hepa Vacuums. The best part is that we can often implement our JaniMed® system at the same price or even less than your current commercial cleaning service.

To learn more about our commercial cleaning services, contact us today for a free quote. Thanks for stopping by our blog; we hope to help you soon!

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