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Our business’s unique system is different than other professional cleaning services

We innovated “cleaning for health” and now use this approach with all of our commercial cleaning services.

Our specialized approach protects your employees and clients from dangerous germs while protecting your company’s bottom line.

Most professional commercial cleaning services focus only on how an area looks. At 360clean, we take it a step further.

Our goal: create a healthy work environment for the safety of our clients, their customers, and their employees. 

The most important attributes of clean cannot be seen. Germs live in every public building in the world.

No matter your industry, cleaning is important for your business.

This is why we offer our JaniMed® Cleaning System and processes. The system consists of specialized training, hospital grade disinfectants, touch surface disinfection, and state of the art equipment. We use the latest technology including micro-fiber towels and HEPA vacuums with four levels of filtration.


Health Focused Cleaning System. Competitive Pricing.


Through an expanding network of expertly trained, locally owned franchises, 360clean has created a company that delivers consistent and quality service to office, building, property, and facility managers. All of our owner-operators and their cleaners participate in the JaniMed Certification.


Micro-Fiber Towels and Mops are used to limit the amount of chemicals needed to clean surfaces. These fibers are negatively charged which attract positively charged dust particles. The towels are reusable to help with conservation of materials consumed and they are color-coded to prevent cross-contamination.


Infection control is essential for your business, so we utilize disinfectants to reduce the spread of germs in your facility. 360clean has chosen to use the most beneficial products to create a safe environment for your workers and potential customers. We also use Green Seal Certified cleaning products.



If an issue arises with our commercial cleaning or janitorial services, our cleaners practice Emergency Care to make sure your facilities are in top shape. Our Quality Control program integrates technology while providing our clients a web-based solution to submit and view feedback history.


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The 360clean difference: We go beyond dust and dirt, ensuring cleanliness for businesses while paying special attention to your specific needs.

Whether it is routine janitorial services or a higher level cleaning service, our commercial cleaning experts ensure a healthy environment for your space.

The best part? We can often implement our JaniMed® system at the same price or even less than your current commercial cleaning service!

We look forward to showing you how 360clean protects facilities and communities like yours. Our team is available to answer any questions and to provide a free quote.


Why should I hire a commercial cleaning company when I could just hire my own staff?

That’s a great question! Both have their benefits.
While you may think you are paying less to have your staff clean your facility, there are costs associated with that that you may have not considered.
Those costs can be: time you will be taking from other tasks to manage the cleaning staff, training the staff, finding a replacement when staff calls out, benefits you will be paying the staff such as time off, additional payroll taxes and workers compensation.
When you outsource your commercial cleaning services to 360clean, these are costs that are absorbed by your service provider. We keep you out of the cleaning business so you can run your main business.

We’ve had commercial cleaning services before. How do I know you guys aren’t the same as the rest?

The 360clean business model is much different than the other traditional commercial cleaning companies you might have worked with in the past. The 360clean business model is set up so that you will get to meet and discuss expectations with your local 360clean from the start of the relationship. 

This process differs from other companies where the corporate support center is handling most of the negotiations, therefore causing confusion and unmet promises when the franchise owner takes over.

Do employees of 360clean franchised locations receive background checks?

Yes, employees of our franchised locations receive background checks as part of their onboarding process.

Who will I be communicating with if I choose your service? Will it be the franchise owner or the 360clean support team?

Your main contact will always be your local franchise owner. They are the independent business owner who will be handling the day-to-day cleaning service of your facility. The support team mainly handles your billing.

Will we have the same individuals cleaning our facility on a regular basis?

While we cannot guarantee that there will be no staffing changes during the relationship, we work hard to make sure we always keep an open line of communication should there be a change in personnel.

How does 360clean differ from other companies that are providing me a quote?

We believe in providing the best service experience at every service we provide. We are going to make sure we are meeting or exceeding your expectations at all times. We do this through our relationship with you, our Health-Focused Cleaning accomplished through our JaniMed system and our trained and certified staff.
We can provide specialized services outside of the monthly cleaning such as; carpet cleaning, floor work, and window cleaning. Our support team also has over 100 years of combined experience in the cleaning industry.

Will your company be bonded and insured? Will we be able to make sure it aligns with our company needs?

Yes. All franchise owners are bonded and insured. We are glad to provide you with a copy of our insurance for review as well.

Can we pay via ACH or credit card? Will we receive a proper invoice?

Yes, we have a billing services department dedicated to ensuring you will receive an accurate monthly invoice. We accept two forms of payment: ACH and/or credit card..



Thorough, comprehensive and professional. You’ll be very happy with 360clean.


Everything you want in a cleaning company. They are very thorough and I have never had an issue. They stay in communication and check in to make sure everything is satisfactory. Extremely professional and timely. Best part is…They have never set my alarm off. I would highly recommend.

Kevin Penland
Evergreen Medical Services

“Since transitioning over to 360clean four months ago, we have been very satisfied, particularly with the responsiveness and communication from the teams. We are constantly seeking to raise the bar in our service standard; Lorenzo strives to make this happen within our  janitorial provisions. Issues are bound to be around, but, most importantly, is the response – immediate and fully. We have already seen an increase in our janitorial satisfaction scores and are looking forward to continuing this trend.”

Casey Brown
Senior Property Manager
Lillibridge HealthCare Services, Inc.

“We gave 360clean a shot after being disappointed by another large chain. The difference is clear with more attention to detail, better organization and quicker response times to issues that come up. The owners truly put the effort into making sure everything is the way it should be. Highly recommend!”

Christian King
Pelican's Nest Golf Club

“The 360clean team cleans our law office and does a very thorough job.  They have great attention to detail, no wasted time and I always know our office is sanitized.  The team is very responsive and a pleasure to work with.”


Carina Arias
Galbraith Weatherbie Law Firm

I’ve been working with 360clean for over 5 years now. I can tell you from experience that everyone is great to work with. If I’ve ever had any issues, it gets taken care of right away. The service they provide is outstanding. Brent and Martin are ALWAYS helpful and very responsive. I would definitely recommend 360clean as they stand by their word and get good work done. I look forward to continuing a great working relationship with 360clean.

Chantel Morris
Property Management Specialist II
Roper St. Francis Healthcare

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