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Fayetteville Healthcare Cleaning

Medical offices contain illness-causing germs that can spread throughout a facility for days. Our professional cleaning service in Fayetteville, NC provides a hygienic-focused approach. This assists in reducing the spread of germs in healthcare facilities.

The JaniMed Cleaning System®, offered by 360clean, consists of specialized equipment and training, hospital-grade disinfectants, state-of-the-art equipment including micro-fiber technology, HEPA vacuums with four levels of filtration, and a focus on disinfection of high-touch surfaces.

Our experience includes servicing all types of healthcare cleaning, including surgical suites. 360clean also has experience with successfully assisting clients with AAAHC Accreditation. The medical facilities cleaning provided by 360clean is superior and competitively priced.

Contact us today if you want a  janitorial service built for the medical environment!

Medical Janitorial Fayetteville NC

360clean’s goal is to provide the best medical cleaning services in the Fayettevillee area while remaining health-focused. We exceed standards set by OSHA, CDC, AORN, and AAAHC.

Our professional cleaning service can prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens. That means a safe and healthy environment to protect patients and put your staff members at ease.

At 360clean, our commercial cleaning services are customizable to fit your needs, including but not limited to:

✓ Nursing Home Cleaning

✓ Assisted Living Cleaning

✓ Exam Rooms Cleaning

 Outpatient Facility Cleaning

 Hospital Cleaning

 Dental Offices Cleaning

 Clinic Cleaning

✓ Hospice Facility Cleaning

✓ Dialysis Center Cleaning

 Doctors Office Cleaning

 Physical Therapy Cleaning

 Rehabilitation Center Cleaning

 Optometrist Cleaning

 Surgical Center Cleaning

✓ Terminal Cleaning

Urgent Care Cleaning

✓ Waiting Rooms Cleaning

Providing recurring medical janitorial services to your facility allows your employees and patients to feel safe.

Our trained staff can provide healthcare cleaning services that will:

 Increase patient safety 

 Disinfect high touch surfaces

 Utilize green cleaning systems

 Prevent cross contamination

 Provide infection control

 Eliminate dangerous pathogens

 Reduce healthcare associated infections

 Meet the highest standard for cleaning for health

A clean and germ-free medical facility means a welcoming and reassuring environment to stay healthy and happy.

Let 360clean provide your medical office facility cleaning services to give you ongoing peace of mind! 


Fayetteville NC Healthcare Cleaning Services FAQ

What types of medical facilities can 360clean service?

Any type! Our professional cleaning services can take care of healthcare facilities such as offices, patient exam rooms, waiting rooms, surgical centers, medical equipment, medical clinics, doctor’s offices, terminal cleaning, and more. If you have a specific question about our healthcare cleaning services, just ask us!

How is 360clean different than other healthcare cleaning services?

We are health-focused and got our start cleaning medical offices! For our healthcare facility cleaning, we utilize chemicals and procedures that best protect the health of your employees and patients. This is accomplished using our JaniMed cleaning system.

All of our owner/operators and employees go through JaniMed certification. 360clean also utilizes Green Seal products where applicable, plus color-coded microfiber towels to prevent cross-contamination.

We also aim to provide the best customer service experience for our commercial cleaning clients with a quality control program for clients and access to emergency care.

What is the JaniMed cleaning system?

Our innovative system of cleaning for health includes specialized training for staff, the use of hospital-grade disinfectants, touch surface disinfection, and state-of-the-art equipment. We use micro-fiber technology & HEPA vacuums with four levels of filtration.

We can often implement our system inside your medical facilities at the same price or even less than your current commercial cleaning service!

Specialized Training

Cross Contamination Prevention

Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Microfiber Products

Indoor Air Quality

Cost Savings

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Health-Focused Medical Cleaning Fayetteville

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