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360clean provides bank cleaning services to financial institutions that desire a more health-focused experience. When you use 360clean, your office environment will become a cleaner and healthier workplace which helps reduce the spread of illness and infection among your employees and visitors. A clean bank facility also makes a good impression on employees and customers.

360clean is committed to meeting the individual needs of each client. Bank janitorial services should be a top priority. We will create a personalized cleaning specification that is tailored to your financial institution.

Through our JaniMed System, 360clean uses hospital-grade disinfectants to properly provide bank cleaning services. We also use color-coded microfiber towels to prevent cross-contamination when we clean. Our Health Focused Cleaning Program focuses on disinfecting high-touch surfaces, which are the key pathway for the spread of germs in your financial institution. This is often overlooked by other bank janitorial services. A clean and healthy facility can differentiate your banking facility and assist you in maintaining happy and healthy customers.

Janitorial Services for Financial Institutions in Mobile

360clean provides a full bank cleaning service to make sure your staff and visitors stay healthy.

Areas we focus on to provide full bank janitorial services:

✓ Lobby



Teller Area


High Traffic Areas & Touch Points

✓ Waiting Areas

✓ Conference Rooms

✓ Break Rooms

Partnering with a high-quality commercial cleaning company ensures a clean and healthy environment and a great experience for your customers.

Let 360clean provide your bank cleaning services to give you ongoing peace of mind!

Bank Cleaning

Mobile AL Bank Cleaning Services FAQ

What types of financial institutions can 360clean service?

We will clean any type of financial institution! Our professional cleaning services can service banks, credit unions, and brokerages of all sizes. If you have a specific question about our bank janitorial services, just ask us!

How is 360clean different than other healthcare cleaning services?

It’s not just about how your facility looks for 360clean. We are health-focused! For our financial institution cleaning, we utilize chemicals and procedures that best protect the health of your employees and customers. This is accomplished using our JaniMed cleaning system.

All of our owner/operators and employees go through JaniMed certification. 360clean also utilizes Green Seal products where applicable, plus color-coded microfiber towels to prevent cross-contamination.

We also aim to provide the best customer service experience for our commercial cleaning clients with a quality control program for clients and access to emergency care.

What is the JaniMed cleaning system?

Our innovative system of cleaning for health includes specialized training for staff, the use of hospital-grade disinfectants, touch surface disinfection, and state-of-the-art equipment. We use micro-fiber technology & HEPA vacuums with four levels of filtration.

We can often implement our system inside your bank at the same price or even less than your current commercial cleaning service!

Specialized Training

Cross Contamination Prevention

Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Microfiber Products

Indoor Air Quality

Cost Savings

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Health-Focused Bank Cleaning Mobile AL

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