For banks and financial institutions, making a great first impression on your customers and visitors is key to a welcoming atmosphere. Whether it’s projecting a professional image or maintaining a safe environment for both employees and customers, an effective bank cleaning checklist plays a crucial role.

The first way to make that positive impression? A clean facility. Cleanliness speaks volumes about professionalism. A well-kept bank projects an image of trustworthiness, a quality customers seek in their financial institution.

On the other hand, a messy or unkempt appearance can erode customer confidence quickly.

Research shows that cleanliness directly influences customer perception and satisfaction rates, making it integral to your brand’s reputation management strategy.

Banks are commonly visited by folks from diverse backgrounds, so they can be breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Regularly scheduled cleanings with detailed checklists ensure no area gets overlooked leading to better infection control measures.

CDC guidelines emphasize regular cleaning as part of its recommendations for businesses. A comprehensive cleaning checklist also helps banks adhere to strict health codes & OSHA safety standards which include specific rules on sanitation.

Regular inspections can lead to hefty fines if these regulations aren’t met. A checklist ensures that every aspect of the bank is cleaned and maintained to meet these standards.

The commercial cleaning experts at 360clean have created this handy guide to help you and your business.

Table Of Contents:

Commercial Bank Cleaning Checklist

Let’s take a closer look at the areas that you will need to pay special attention to when cleaning your facility.

1. Front-End Spaces: Lobbies and Teller Stations

The first point of contact for customers, these high-traffic zones like waiting areas demand frequent cleaning. The checklist should include dusting, vacuuming, sanitizing high-touch areas like door handles or counters, cleaning glass doors, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning.

Teller stations need regular disinfection because of constant human contact through cash handling and document exchange. A thorough wipe-down of countertops using EPA-approved disinfectants is recommended after every shift change to maintain hygiene standards.

2. Offices and Conference Rooms

Cleaning tasks in these spaces can range from trash removal to disinfecting surfaces such as desks or phones where germs can lurk unseen. Don’t forget about carpet care; routine vacuuming keeps them looking fresh.

3. Breakrooms and Restrooms

To keep employees happy and healthy, these shared spaces need thorough daily cleanings too. Include on your list tasks like wiping down countertops in break rooms, cleaning the coffee maker, or restocking supplies in restrooms.

4. Behind-the-Scenes Areas

When it comes to bank cleaning, we often think about lobbies and teller stations. But let’s not forget the hidden spots like offices, break rooms, storage rooms. They may be out of customer view but are crucial for a healthy work environment.

Cleaning office spaces can sometimes take a back seat because they aren’t public-facing areas. Regular dusting of desks, vacuuming carpets or mopping floors should be done to keep these spaces tidy. It’s also important to wipe down high-touch items like phones, keyboards, and door handles with EPA-approved disinfectant.

5. Restroom Maintenance

Banks’ restrooms might see less traffic than other commercial establishments, but they still demand consistent upkeep. This means replenishing toilet paper supplies regularly and scrubbing toilets.

Apart from basic hygiene practices such as sanitizing sinks or polishing mirrors frequently, implementing deep-cleaning routines monthly would help ensure no grime build-up occurs over time.

6. Vaults and Safe Deposit Box Areas

Vaults require meticulous attention due to their security importance. The cleaning process needs to respect the confidentiality of these spaces while maintaining cleanliness.

Safe deposit box areas also need careful handling because customers entrust banks with their valuable possessions here. Cleanliness promotes trust and confidence among clients who use these facilities. If you are unsure, consult with a professional bank cleaning services company.

7. ATMs

The exterior surfaces of ATMs can attract dirt, grime, and germs from regular customer interaction. So they need frequent clean-ups using suitable disinfectants that won’t damage the machines’ screens or keypads. CDC guidelines on surface disinfection provide good guidance here.

8. Night Depository Chutes

Night depository chutes often get overlooked during routine cleanings but remember – it’s where many businesses drop off cash after hours so it’s vital to maintain them well too.

9. Bonus: Air Quality Control

We don’t usually associate air quality with cleanliness, but improving indoor air helps maintain overall healthiness inside banks.

  • Regular HVAC system checks can help maintain optimal air quality.
  • Air purifiers are another good addition, especially in high-traffic areas or spaces with minimal ventilation. They filter out pollutants and airborne particles which helps reduce the spread of germs.

Experts from a cleaning company that specializes in air quality may need to be consulted.


Getting your bank’s cleanliness right is a game changer. Now that you have the ultimate bank cleaning checklist, we hope it’s easier for you.

We have discussed why maintaining a clean environment matters, not just for looks but also to foster trust and ensure the health and safety of your visitors.

We highlighted high-traffic areas like lobbies and teller stations that need special attention. Remember, behind-the-scenes spaces count too!

Banks have unique aspects such as vaults and ATMs which require their own set of cleaning protocols. Choosing effective yet safe supplies is vital here.

If you feel like you need help from professional cleaners with years of experience “cleaning for health”, our team at 360clean would be happy to serve you. Request a quote today for our commercial cleaning services, which utilizes our patented JaniMed system for cleaning banks.

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