When you are cleaning any space, using the correct chemical concentrations can make all the difference. Unfortunately, many people do not have the knowledge or experience required to properly use advanced cleaning chemicals in the right volume. 

This post will outline some of the benefits of using proper chemical concentrations so you can optimize cleaning your workspace to promote the health and safety of your staff and clientele.

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Cleaning Is More of a Challenge than Ever

COVID-19 completely altered the process of cleaning. For one thing, the public’s perception of a company’s cleanliness is more important than ever. Businesses that fail to take proper precautions and preventive measures could suffer from negative public opinion. 

Beyond that, specific industries, like healthcare and the janitorial industry, must go above and beyond to ensure their facilities remain safe for every occupant.

Businesses from restaurants to hotels have been forced to take a hard look at their cleanliness standards. More often than not, this means implementing new cleaning technologies and advanced safety protocols designed to keep viruses and bacteria from running rampant. 

This new focus has forced some facility managers to zero in on the chemical concentrations used in their facilities to ensure the perfect measurements are implemented.

Why Proper Chemical Concentrations Are Important

As facilities have adapted to the new frontier that is our shared post-COVID reality, proper cleaning techniques have risen to the top of priority lists. Because of this shift, many employees have found themselves taking up the cleaning mantle as part of their daily tasks, even if the required cleaning solely applies to their individual workstations.

When employees are trusted with concentrated chemicals, it is imperative that they know how to use them in a safe and responsible manner. After all, these concentrated concoctions contain chemicals that could be lethal if inhaled. 

Learning about the benefits of proper chemical concentrations will motivate you to take the necessary steps to keep your employees and customers healthy, no matter who is cleaning your facility.

Here are four benefits to ensuring that anyone cleaning your facility maintains proper chemical concentrations.

Measured Amounts Conserve Resources

If you have ever read the instructions on a bottle of cleaning chemicals, you will notice that nearly all of them talk about a specific amount that should be used during each cleaning. Beyond that, each bottle also contains a specific allotment of chemicals. This balance is designed to achieve a germ-free environment when used properly.

When used improperly, chemical concentrations yield lackluster performance, which means increased rates of rewashing later on in the day or week. This puts undue pressure on your staff to keep the facility clean when they could have otherwise adhered to a consistent schedule with predictably effective results.

In addition to placing an undue burden on your staff, improper chemical amounts are a waste of your resources. If you use the product as intended, you can predict when you will run out of a particular cleaning chemical. If you are using the product too liberally, you will likely find yourself replacing the chemicals more often, which can severely impact your bottom line.

You can maximize your resources by using proper concentrations while teaching your staff how to use the chemicals correctly. This will allow you to adhere to your budget as well as keep your facility clear of dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Proper Concentrations Maximize Labor Value Across the Workforce

The previous benefit outlined the importance of not placing an undue burden on your employees. This importance takes center stage when attempting to maximize your workforce’s labor value. 

By teaching your employees how to use the proper concentration of chemicals, you are enabling them to cultivate more productive cleaning habits while simultaneously freeing up more time for them to focus on the tasks you hired them to complete.

Even if you are paying your employees to clean, are you satisfied paying them to complete the same repetitive tasks in the same high-traffic areas throughout the day? Or would you rather pay them to skillfully clean as much of the facility as possible? From the perspective of optimizing time, the answer seems self-evident.

By allowing your staff to focus on the most productive tasks, you can ensure that the big projects stay on track to completion while also ensuring that your facility is clean and virus free. Then, if there is ever a point where your employees need to take cleaning into their own hands, they will have a reliable point of reference for doing so. 

This will result in maximized productivity regarding the tasks you hired them for as well as the occasional cleaning task, such as wiping up the breakroom or cleaning their personal workstation.

You Will Get the Most Out of Your Cleaning Chemicals

Maintaining proper chemical concentrations will help you get the most out of your cleaning chemicals. After all, using too little or too much of a particular chemical can have serious consequences that could result in steeper costs and detracted focus.

What Happens if You Use Too Much?

Using excessive amounts of concentrated chemicals can severely damage your surfaces, which can create porous locations that bacteria will quickly inhabit. Additionally, the wrong chemical concentration can leave behind a sticky residue that is difficult to remove. It could also leave the surfaces across your facility looking unsightly.

What Happens if You Use Too Little?

Not using enough chemicals has its drawbacks as well. When the cleaning chemical is not strong enough, you might not kill all the viruses and bacteria on a given surface. When this happens, much of your cleaning efforts will be in vain. 

In fact, this imbalance can even be dangerous since wiping up an inadequate amount of chemicals means you’re merely spreading the germs around.

Rather than settle for either of these approaches, use the proper amount of chemicals to ensure that your cleaning products work as intended. In turn, this enables you to optimize their use, giving you measurable and consistent results.

Proper Concentrations Ensure Everyone in Your Facility Is Safe

When you clean your facilities, there are two primary health hazards you need to watch out for. 

The first hazard is viruses and bacteria — the main reason you are cleaning. By using proper chemical concentrations, you can ensure that germs are stopped in their tracks and that your employees and clientele are not at risk of contracting an illness from your facility.

The second health hazard is more elusive but just as urgent. When employees use improper chemical concentrations, they place themselves at increased risk of getting sick from the chemicals themselves. 

Whether they inhale too much of a specific chemical or get some of it on their skin, the results can have serious implications that could potentially impact their health for the rest of their lives.

As a manager, it is your responsibility to reduce employee exposure to toxic chemicals whenever possible. By ensuring that employees use the proper ratio of chemicals, you are protecting them from an unfortunate accident that could have life-changing implications.

How to Ensure Proper Chemical Concentrations Are Used

There are a variety of ways you can ensure proper chemical concentrations are used on a daily basis. First, you or another qualified employee can personally mix the chemicals. As long as you adhere to the instructions and use proper ratios, you should be able to mix and store the concoction in a spray bottle that other employees can use when needed.

Additionally, make sure to use a dispenser when measuring the chemicals. This will help you allot the proper amount without the need for additional measuring. This might seem like a trivial step, but it can save you a lot of trouble if something goes wrong.

For example, imagine that you are painstakingly pouring chemicals from the measuring glass into a bottle, and you spill some on your arm. This little mistake could result in a severe chemical burn that could have far-reaching consequences. By using a dispenser, you are effectively avoiding the chances of a chemical spill altogether.

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