A clean warehouse is essential to keeping your business running efficiently, safely, and productively. At the other end of the spectrum, a dirty warehouse can cause errors, increase the risk of accidents, and contribute to employee dissatisfaction in more ways than one. In the end, a warehouse that isn’t kept clean can negatively impact your bottom line. However, maintaining warehouses, especially large ones, can be overwhelming. Fortunately, professional cleaning services can help with that project.

Read on to discover ten ways warehouse cleaning services can help your business. Or, simply leave the cleaning to the experts at 360clean. As leaders in the commercial cleaning industry, our specialized approach to cleaning protects your employees and clients from dangerous germs while also protecting your business’ bottom line.

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10 Reasons to Hire a Warehouse Cleaning Service

Some people see hiring a cleaning company as an added expense and nothing more. However, the truth is that one of the most significant benefits of professional cleanings is that it can save your company money in at least a dozen different ways. Of course, while the ultimate reason to hire a warehouse cleaning service is to improve your bottom line, there are several other benefits, including the following:

#1 Professional Cleaning Is More Efficient

It makes sense that professional cleaners can accomplish more and yield better results than simply passing on the task to your warehouse employees on top of their regular jobs. After all, the professionals have the best equipment, proper training, the most effective cleaning solutions, and years of experience in warehouse cleaning. However, risking your warehouse integrity by having amateurs clean can cost you considerably because they could easily make costly mistakes that put your inventory, employees, and customers at risk. The risks range from property damage to the spread of illnesses like COVID-19. Fortunately, partnering with expert cleaners can help ensure top results.

#2 You Can Reduce Safety Hazards

Warehouses come with risks to health and safety, but a dirty one increases those risks tenfold, posing a threat to anyone inside. In addition, injuries in the workplace are incredibly damaging to any business and can cost you more than money—it can cost you the business itself. By hiring a professional cleaning service for your warehouse, you’ll minimize the chances of accidents happening. The cleaning crew can keep the warehouse organized, perform routine preventive maintenance cleanings, and more.

#3 You’ll Keep Your Staff (and Customers) Happier

It’s no secret that having a clean and orderly workplace improves morale and makes employees more productive. And when your employees are more productive, the benefit trickles down to customers. According to Forbes, happy employees often strive to deliver consistent, high-quality service; the result is more satisfied customers and increased loyalty.

Speaking of productivity, the only way your staff can be as productive as possible is if they can focus on the jobs they were hired to do. So often, people have a way of not only becoming disgruntled when they have to stop what they are doing to clean but also naturally don’t get enough of their work done. Needless to say, this isn’t the best morale booster.

#4 You Can Prevent Problems Before They Begin

Hire professional cleaners, and you’ll save time, money, and frustration you’d have otherwise spent fixing avoidable problems. That’s because they are trained to identify a wide variety of potential issues and (depending on what those issues are) can rectify them or bring them to the attention of someone who can solve them.

It’s no secret that fixing a minor issue is much less dangerous and expensive than having it fester and grow into a significant problem. For instance, regularly cleaning the restrooms and floors will prevent mold growth and the possibility of water damage—both issues which are notoriously expensive to fix once they’ve done damage.

#5 Your Company Will Make a Fantastic First Impression

We mentioned that visitors to your warehouse would notice a clean place and happy employees, but why does that matter? Impressing your visitors, many of whom will be customers, goes a long way. Your image as a respectable company that cares about its employees and customers will shine through when visitors see clean restrooms, organized workspaces, and spotless floors. Your environment is typically a reflection of yourself and your business, and a higher standard of cleaning can communicate to customers that you expect that same standard for your company and employees in everything you do.

#6 You’ll Improve the Health of Everyone Inside

Having professionals who clean for a living while maintaining your warehouse will keep your work environment healthier. After all, regular cleaning and disinfecting kill viruses and bacteria that can infect everyone. Remember, absenteeism costs employers billions of dollars each year. And although it’s impossible to prevent everyone from ever becoming ill, reducing the chances of illnesses originating in your workplace can save everyone a lot of suffering while also saving your business money.

#7 You’ll Keep Vermin and Bugs Away

Nothing loves a dirty warehouse more than intruders like mice, rats, cockroaches, and mites. Unfortunately, a little bit of dirt—and a potato chip crumb here and there—can start as seemingly harmless before becoming a huge problem.

Regular pest control is essential for fighting off unwelcomed visitors, but you also want to ensure that your work environment isn’t welcoming these critters in the first place. As a best practice, remember that deep cleansing your warehouse is the perfect precursor for pest control operations.

#8 You’ll Keep Dust to a Minimum

Aside from dirt and grime, dust is often a colossal threat to warehouses. From hindering the performance of machinery and control panels to causing everyone to battle constant sneezing and itchy eyes, dust can quickly grow out of control in a warehouse. However, a regular professional cleaning routine can help keep dust and allergens at a minimum by tackling areas of your facility that need a consistent, thorough cleaning.

#9  You Can Extend the Life of Your Equipment

This benefit doesn’t only apply to large equipment, like forklifts, but also to smaller equipment, like electronics and furniture too. From vacuuming and dusting to mopping and wiping surfaces, professional warehouse cleanings extend the life of everything inside the building. Without dust, dirt, and grime accumulating all over inner workings and surfaces, clean equipment and furniture remain in better condition for longer. This means you won’t have to spend the money to replace them nearly as often.

#10 You’ll Stay in Compliance with All Safety Regulations

There is no leniency in complying with local, state, and federal regulations regarding safety, cleanliness, and maintenance protocols. Should you be found violating these rules and standards, it could result in your business losing thousands of dollars to paying fines. Fortunately, when a professional cleaning crew works for you, all cleanliness and resulting safety standards are always met.

You’ll also enjoy more peace of mind knowing that everything at your warehouse meets mandated standards. This peace of mind, all things considered, can be priceless.

Reap the Benefits of Professional Warehouse Cleaning Services

If the thought of cleaning up a warehouse fills you with anxiety, why not leave it to the experts? At 360clean, we focus on cleaning so you can focus on the many responsibilities involved in running your business. We understand that safeguarding the health and well-being of your employees, customers, and vendors is your top priority. That’s why we deploy our proven JaniMed® system.

The system consists of specialized training, hospital-grade disinfectants, touch surface disinfection, and state-of-the-art equipment, including micro-fiber technology and Hepa Vacuums with four levels of filtration. The best part is that we can often implement our JaniMed® system at the same price or even less than your current commercial cleaning service.

To learn more about our commercial cleaning services for warehouses, contact us today for a free quote. Thanks for stopping by our blog; we hope to help you soon!

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