Source:  CleanLink, If Superheroes Fought COVID-19, Contec, August 19th, 2020.

Since February, COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 have dominated the news. The cleaning industry put all hands on deck to keep the pandemic at bay and protect building occupants.

As weeks and months have stretched on, it’s been tough to keep a positive attitude, which is why Contec Inc. decided to have a little fun. They took a look at 10 fictional superheroes to determine how they’d actually stand up against the coronavirus.

Let’s look at the Hulk, for example. His biggest fault is his lack of self control. He is constantly roaring at his opponents, spitting his germs out into the air with no physical barrier (face mask). Also, his strength is an asset in hand-to-hand combat, but how often is he washing those hands?

Then there is Batman. He definitely has the social distancing thing down. He was an expert at lurking in the shadows before it was cool. He’s also got gloves, which will help protect him, but his face mask only covers his eyes and nose, leaving him vulnerable to the virus.

To learn how other superheroes might fare during the pandemic, click here for the full list.

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