New Zee Spotlight

360clean’s November Training Class

Tamara & Charlie Newell


Villa Rica, GA

Where are you from?

Charlie is from New Orleans, La and I (Tamara) am from Great Falls, VA. We met in NY, NY in 2007, lived in LA for 3 years and recently moved to Villa Rica, GA this past summer.

Why did you decide to open your 360clean franchise? 

After spending two years researching franchises, the high quality executive team at 360 clean and the turn-key support system sealed the seal. Basically, we joined because of the people at 360!

3 Fun Facts (Tamara)

  1. Danced with the Joffrey Ballet as a child at the Kennedy Center in DC.
  2. Appeared in Pilates Style Magazine during her 10 years in the fitness industry.
  3. Currently loves homeschooling their two young children.

3 Fun Facts (Charlie)

  1. Was bit by a shark at 19.
  2. Had a pet alligator named Elvis as a kid.
  3. Motor biked Europe for 3 and a half months.

Melissa Zeller


Tampa, FL

Where are you from?

 I am originally from Rochester, NY. But moved to Florida when I was 14. I have lived in Tampa for almost all of my Adult life

Why did you decide to open your 360clean franchise?

I really liked the culture and business model that 360 clean offered. It has a very low startup cost and I felt like I would be supported every step of the way to ensure I would be successful.

3 Fun Facts

  1. I have a Nephew that is older than me.
  2. I traveled all over Europe when I was 9 and was in London the Summer Princess Di and Prince Charles were married.
  3. I am a huge sports fan, especially football and hockey. I attended 10 straight years of Every Tampa Bay Bucs home game and was at all 4 home Games in 2004 when the Tampa Bay lightning won the Stanley Cup..
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