New Zee Spotlight

The Newest Additions to the #360fam

Jake White

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Chaska, MN but have been living in Omaha NE since 2014.

3 Fun Facts
1. I played in the Final Four during the 2013-2014 season for Wichita State
2. 99% of my family members are entrepreneurs
3. My daughter is in the 98% percentile for head size, weight, and height (monster baby)

Why did you decide to open your 360clean franchise?
In my market I saw an increased demand in providing a safe and clean office space for employees. Additionally, during validation 360clean aligned with my goals and what I wanted out of a business.

Maurice & Kenya Simmons

Where are you from?
Ladson, SC

3 Fun Facts
1. We have 5 little people (children)!
2. We enjoy traveling!
3. We like to play card and board games!

Why did you decide to open your 360clean franchise?
We wanted to start a promising investment that we may pass on for generations.

Randy Osgood

Where are you from?
Charleston, SC

3 Fun Facts
1. USMC Veteran
2. I have a bunny rabbit named Princess
3. & I like wild crazy adventures

Why did you decide to open your 360clean franchise?
In pursuit of making more income.

Making money is good
Making more money is better
& not worrying about money is the best!

I wanted a part time business that could eventually become full time.

I was looking for a business opportunity that is: people friendly, customer driven, a recurring service, easy to operate, environmentally friendly, successful systems with a proven track record, professional leadership, impressive portfolio, & an outstanding reputation. 360 clean checked every box & answered every question.

I was impressed by Jason & Lisa’s training, presentation of the classroom, one on one help & professional leadership. I felt like a VIP at rock show, a new proud member of the family.

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