Adapting to the use of robotic cleaning machines can seem a little strange at first. After all, many of us grew up seeing manual cleaning operations going in the background of our schools, hospitals, and other facilities.

Nevertheless, the automatic, mechanical approach is what seems the most beneficial and safe.

Let’s address some of the crucial questions you should ask to determine whether robotic cleaning machines are the right choice for your business.

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Now, let’s get to the questions!

Do You Have the Right Space for an Automated Cleaning Robot?

Though robotic cleaning machines work well in a variety of facilities, they are not ideal for every space.

These machines perform best when used in open spaces where they can run uninterrupted for at least three to four hours, a quality that makes them perfect for establishments like retail stores, healthcare facilities, and distribution centers, just to name a few.

Many robotic cleaning machines can be trained to navigate around minor obstructions, such as boxes, pillars, and other fixed structures within a facility, and some models even feature enhanced safety features that enable them to avoid specific areas and obstacles, including inclines, declines, and more.

Before purchasing your cleaning robots, conduct a thorough audit of your facility’s space so you understand where the robot can and cannot clean.

Doing this will enable you to not only select robots that are an ideal fit for your space but also divide cleaning tasks between your current cleaning staff and your new robotic additions.

Other Factors to Consider for Automated Cleaning Robots

When evaluating your space, there are several important factors to consider, such as your floor space, floor level, and the amount of light present in the specific spaces where the robots will be cleaning.

Below are some specific considerations you should make for each category:

Floor Space

As mentioned earlier, most autonomous cleaning robots function best within wide open spaces where they can freely navigate with minimal obstacles, but they’re not always an option.

Before purchasing a cleaning robot, consider whether your floor space is easy enough to map so that the robot can follow a programmed route. If not, it might be easier to use a human cleaning crew.

Many robotic cleaning machines have enhanced safety features that enable them to avoid people and other obstacles, but if the obstacles in your facility are constantly in flux, it could present a program for the robots, which will likely make use of a (now out-of-date) automapping feature to navigate the space.

Floor Level

In addition to constantly shifting obstacles, robotic cleaning machines also have a tough time with uneven spaces, such as stairs and warped floors.

Before setting your robot loose in your facility, make sure you have addressed any buckled floors or uneven leveling that could pose a problem for the device’s automapping navigation systems.

Unfortunately, uneven flooring may be expensive to fix, so if you find yourself in such a situation, you’ll need to decide whether the costs outweigh the benefits.

If you believe that implementing cleaning robots is worth the cost of repairing your floors, then go ahead and do it.


Many robotic cleaning machines are equipped with reflective light technology, which can be problematic if your facility is already exposed to excessive amounts of light.

When you conduct an audit of your facility, make a note of the spaces that are overly bright and implement the necessary changes to fix them.

Doing so will ensure that your robot operates smoothly and doesn’t run into the errors that accompany reflective light.

Can the Machine Be Used Immediately?

The ability to use the machine as soon as it arrives is a crucial factor for many business operations. After all, keeping your facility in optimal condition throughout the day makes all the difference for your customers and employees.

Fortunately, these types of cleaning machines can be used straight out of the box. Thanks to today’s latest technological developments, these types of machines can simply be activated and left to run, and they’ll learn their routes quickly and efficiently with little to no guidance.

Many of them do not require programming, either, though you can certainly program some models for advanced operations if needed.

Before you run out and purchase a machine, it is important to know who you are purchasing it from and what cleaning needs it needs to fulfill.

What Type of Company Should You Purchase Your Cleaning Robots from?

Robotic cleaning machines are developing as rapidly as many other technologies, and several manufacturers are already producing an assortment of different machines that are designed to meet different needs.

That means you will need to consider a number of things before you decide where to purchase your robots or who to rent them from.

Keep an eye out for companies that are mainstays in the cleaning industry, having operated in the space for a prolonged period.

Make sure these companies have the necessary infrastructure in place to provide software updates and hardware support, which will ensure your investment remains functional for years to come.

Do You Need to Train Your Staff?

Unless you are going to take on the cleaning operations yourself, you will need to train your staff to adhere to proper protocol when using and maintaining the cleaning robots.

Achieving optimal use and daily functionality with minimal error will require that your staff be trained to program the robot to follow the proper route (if necessary) and monitor it as it goes about cleaning.

You should also train specific members of your staff to report any issues and read the heat maps that the robots produce.

Will Cleaning Robots Impact Your Cleaning Staff?

The introduction of cleaning robots into your team will inevitably impact your current cleaning staff, but just because the devices may impact how they approach their daily tasks doesn’t mean they are guaranteed to cause negative effects.

On the contrary, adding robotic cleaning machines to your cleaning fleet can lead to decisively positive outcomes for the entire operation.

Several studies have shown that the addition of robotic cleaning machines has a favorable impact on morale, and they can actually help reduce employee turnover by allowing your staff to focus on other aspects of their jobs.

Put in the Prep Work

Before starting up the robots, your cleaning team will need to do a little prep work, including moving obstacles, such as boxes and mats, out of the way, as well as sweeping the floor to clear large debris.

While the robots are running, your human cleaners can dispose of trash, mop specific areas, and disinfect touch points in high-traffic areas.

Additionally, your team can identify key areas of the facility where they can optimize their cleaning to augment what the robot is already doing, which will ensure the environment is clean and safe for employees, contractors, and customers alike.

As opposed to radically altering the daily operations of your current cleaning staff, robotic cleaning machines can provide ample room for optimization that can render your human cleaners even more effective.

By focusing on areas that the robots are unable to clean, you can ensure your facility is cleaner than it would be by using either the cleaning staff or robots by themselves.

Are Robotic Cleaning Machines Right for Your Situation?

Robotic cleaning machines can be powerful additions to a variety of businesses, but that doesn’t automatically make them an ideal fit for every one of them. Before purchasing your robotic cleaning machines, consider the specific needs of your business against the capabilities and features of the cleaning robots.

By assessing your needs, you may decide that your daily cleaning requirements can be met without the use of robots. You might discover that a specific model of robotic cleaning machine provides more desirable features than another.

Either way, putting in the time and effort to research the cleaning needs of your business will put you in a more effective position to make decisive determinations.

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