While most janitorial services provide basic cleaning, you may need specialized services periodically. In addition to regular maintenance, we have compiled some additional cleaning services that cover a wide range of commercial cleaning demands and could suit the specific needs of your team.

Here are some add-on specialty janitorial services to consider as solutions for your facility.

1. Carpet Cleaning From a Commercial Cleaning Service

Steam Cleaning

Periodic professional steam cleaning deeply removes dirt, allergens, and stains from carpets. This type of cleaning can also improve the air quality in facilities and is a great way of maintaining your site. Certain business types and industries may have a greater need for this service than others.

Spot Cleaning

Quickly cleaning spills and high-traffic areas prevents stains and keeps carpets looking cleaner day-to-day. This is a more simple ask that quality cleaning services can perform, but is nonetheless important.

Carpet Shampooing

Shampooing carpets, paired with thorough extraction, can remove a range of dirt and debris and will clean carpets thoroughly from all angles.

2.Window Washing Commercial Janitorial Services

Interior Window Washing

Keeps interiors bright by washing away dirt, grime, and deposits that accumulate on interior windows and sills. This is a common ask of janitorial cleaning services that is important to keep the inside of your site sparkling.

Exterior Window Washing

Removes dirt, droppings, and environmental buildup from outdoor windows, keeping your business looking polished. Commercial buildings that have not had exterior windows washed in a while stand out, and not in a good way.

High Rise Window Washing

Specialized equipment, expertise, and safety training are required to properly clean exterior windows in these buildings. For this higher-level task, make sure you use a company with a history of reliability as well as a stellar safety record.

Once resilient flooring is installed, it is recommended that users immediately remove any debris with a microfiber cloth, followed by thorough vacuuming to remove any wayward dust. When the floor is free of debris, mop it using a neutral pH cleaning solution. If any residue is spotted after mopping, clean it off with water, and once the floor is clean, set up barricades and notifications to minimize floor traffic for the first 24 hours. Afterward, you can engage in routine cleaning and scrubbing practices.

3. Hard Floor Care Janitorial Cleaning Services

Floor Stripping

Removes old floor finish and residue down to the bare floor for eventual recoating. This job should only be accomplished by experienced cleaners and/or commercial janitorial services companies who specialize in these solutions.

Floor Waxing/Refinishing

Applying new protective wax or finish coatings to hard floors after stripping provides a fresh new look.

Floor Buffing and Burnishing

Restores shine to floors by buffing out scuffs and scratches and creating a polished finish. This can be accomplished by a reliable commercial cleaning company.


Janitorial services likely offer additional specialty services like pressure washing, blind cleaning, and more. Discussing add-on options can give your business an even higher standard of cleanliness.

Employees and customers alike are going to expect a clean environment within the walls of your facilities. Finding a quality janitorial services provider/commercial cleaning service is critical to maintaining morale and can even help employee productivity. Your janitorial service company should have a team focused on only the best practices for hygiene and cleanliness.

At 360clean, we use our industry-leading JaniMed® Cleaning System to ensure that every area of your facility remains virus and bacteria-free. We want your employees and customers to have a safe and healthy environment and to provide the best in janitorial services for your business or industry.

When you work with 360clean, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your facility is getting the best in commercial cleaning.

To learn more about our janitorial services, please contact 360clean today for a free quote. Thanks for stopping by our blog to learn more about commercial cleaners and janitorial service; we hope to serve you in the near future!


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