Written by: Lisa Morgan
Top 5 Reasons to Hire 360clean for Commercial Cleaning Services:
  1. Professionally Trained for Quality Service
    • Our locally owned and operated business owners are trained to provide services for all commercial properties. Through in-person, online and ongoing training, this provides customers with a peace of mind that they will be provided professional services. Training is also provided to all employees. It reassures the customer that their building is in the right hands. We pride ourselves in training our business owners in creating a long-lasting relationship with their customers, while also being educated in the services.
  2. The Correct Equipment and Chemicals
    • Using the correct equipement and chemicals may seem like a no brainer, but many are surprised that some companies, or even in-house employees, are using the wrong cleaning materials. We use our Jani Med system to provide Medical Grade cleaning to all our customers. Micro-Fiber Towels and Mops are used to limit the amount of chemicals needed to clean surfaces. These fibers are negatively charged which attract positively charged dust particles. The towels are reusable to help with conservation of materials consumed and they are color-coded to prevent cross-contamination. With the correct equipment and chemicals, we are able to provide a high end, consistent, quality service that doesn’t cause damage to your facility.
  3. Safe Environment
    • Most office cleaning service companies view clean based on how an area looks. At 360clean, we take it a step further. The goal of 360clean is to provide a clean, yet germ and infectious free environment. This provides for the safety of our clients, their customers and their employees. When you create a safe environment, your employees and customers are happy. This boosts employee morale and keeps customers coming back!
  4. Personalized Service
    • We are able to customize your service schedule to meet your facility needs. There is no “one size fits all” at 360clean. This garuntees our customers’ needs are being met.
  5. Save Time/Money
    • When hiring 360clean, we take a lot of “hats” of your head. You no longer have to clean the facility in-house, whether it be yourself or another employee, purchase chemicals, purchase equipment, worry about when you are going to do the cleaning, keep up with the change in demand. With 360clean, we take that stress off you, so all you have to worry about is your job. This saves time, money, and increases productivity.
Commercial Cleaning Services
Our JaniMed® System
The best part is many times we can implement our JaniMed® system at the same price or less than your current cleaning service. We look forward to showing you what 360clean and our JaniMed® Cleaning System can do to protect your facility…but more importantly what 360clean can do to protect your employees and customers.




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