Zee Spotlight

A Q&A with Savannah, GA Owner/Operator, Ginny Lucovich

Ginny, and her husband Ivan, joined the 360fam in January of 2014. Anyone that knows them would say they are extremely wonderful people and business owners.

Q1. What is one unique thing about you someone wouldn’t learn until they got to know you?

I like to take the road less traveled in life, I’m always up for an adventure.

Q2. What do you enjoy most about owning your own business?

Absolute freedom to do things the way I want to do them.

Q3. What advice would you give businesses considering reopening during the pandemic?

Do what’s right for your business but don’t live in fear of the unknown either. Use common sense, stay clean and keep good hygienic habits. “Thinking will not overcome fear but action will” – W. Clement Stone.

Q4. If you could go anywhere in the world today, where would you go and why?

The MALDIVES!!! It’s definitely on my list of places I want to visit. Nothings more relaxing to me than warm sand and clear w 

Written by Ashley Weyand

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