About Pattison’s Academy

Located in Charleston, SC, Pattison’s Academy is an education and rehabilitation academy providing comprehensive, year-round programs to support children with disabilities and their families. Their collaborative model integrates therapy and education to create a unique, individualized and intensive learning environment for every child that enters their doors. The main goal of their programs are intended to maximize the potential of every child, as well as to empower parents as caregivers. 

About Keeping the PACE

Keeping the PACE is a three-hour stationary bike ride-a-thon and Pattison’s largest fundraising event of the year. This high-energy, interactive charity drive gives Pattison’s patrons a first-hand look at the positive impact directly generated by their support. This event brings the community together to celebrate the children’s achievements and progress made throughout the year. By supporting this event, we are able to help a child start reading at age 10, walk up and down the hall for the first time at age 18 or speak their first words at age 21.

Our Sponsorship 

We are extremely fortunate to have been part of this event and the amazing impact it has made on the program as a whole. As decor sponsor, members of the 360clean support center participated in the ride-a-thon alongside friends, neighbors, fellow sponsors, and the children of Pattison’s. Keeping the PACE 2022 raised $115,000 and we would like to personally thank our 360community for asssiting in this successful turnout! We appreciate your continuing support of the Pattison’s Academy community and we look forward to future involvements to further assist in the growth of their program.

“It takes a village to raise a child and, thanks to like-minded members throughout our community, we have been able to help those in need find the tools to flourish.” 

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