Tips For A Germ Free Handshake

Tips For A Germ Free Handshake

Source: CleanLink Febraury 4, 2014 Do you shutter at the thought of shaking someone’s hand during the cold and flu season? If you do, you are not alone. So, how do you avoid getting sick without offending your peers? Fort Wayne, Ind.-based ettiquette consultant,...


Does your current cleaning company use advanced cleaning technologies to avoid cross contamination while cleaning? The use of traditional cleaning rags leads to cross-contamination of germs. With a health focused cleaning service, their proprietary cleaning methods...
360clean aims for all-around satisfaction

360clean aims for all-around satisfaction

People are in and out of office buildings every day but seldom notice the detailed labor behind the scenes. 360clean employee Samantha Teal of West Salem thoroughly cleans the Riverfront cafeteria. She said, “It’s nice when people come up and introduce themselves and...
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